Let's write my diary. Day 12 - Healthy Mind

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1 year ago

Hello friends, happy weekend, or what's left of it. Have you ever watched self help videos? So that's what I've been doing for a few days.

When the world or circumstances do not help us, we must help ourselves not to succumb to problems anymore, we already have enough with those of the house to carry those of the world as well.

For this, what I do is, first of all, not watch the news. Have you noticed that the news is becoming more tabloid? It seems that we take joy in seeing and feeling the pain of others.

When they said and decreed Covid 19 as a pandemic, the news was the same all day. The next day it was the same news, they repeated and repeated endlessly the number of deaths worldwide.

In my opinion this only multiplied the amount and multiplied the problem. I had to stop watching television because there was no programming other than the news.

I got nervous from watching the news so much until I told my family not to watch the news anymore. If there was nothing else to see, we would turn off the television and start playing any board game since we couldn't go out.

I remember that previously many novels were seen, these where we already knew the plot. Where the servant girl ends up being the daughter of the man who owns everything and she ends up being the heiress. That was better than the news.

The current news is Omicron and then what will it be, I hope it is that the pandemic is over and that no other virus will come. Meanwhile I will continue watching my self-help videos to not think about the bad things and thus help me to have a healthy mind.

For now I am listening to Neville Goddard audiobooks and everything related to this character who was a metaphysical teacher has a lot of material on YouTube that you can help yourself with, I recommend it.

If we all thought as he says I would do what he offers us, we could change the world.

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