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Tues-Yey Unwinding!

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1 year ago

Hello to all of my co-buddies there! :)

It's been almost 4 days since I last wrote and published an article here, which is about a virtual meet-up of the and content creators: Virtual Meet-up: Is It Possible?. That was last Monday (December 13th) when I published this one. That's the time that I had a longer free time away from the academic matters that I need to pay attention with.

Since December had started, I became even more busy. To the point that my rule about 'go-to-bed-at-11PM' had been not followed by yours truly. I should be at the bed before the clock ticks at eleven o'clock in the evening but because I still have piles of activities to comply and submit before their respective deadlines? I am somehow starting to abuse myself, again. Just like before and I am afraid that it might affect my health because of what I am doing this past few days.

This Tuesday, I had a tough day to deal with. That's the day wherein my final exam in Genetics Laboratory Class was scheduled. If you were seeing my posts in, maybe you had some ideas how difficult this subject is for me. I've been ranting how inconsiderate our Instructor in that subject is in terms of giving activities and deadlines. And, it's really difficult. I promise!

By the morning of Tuesday, I didn't did any academic-related tasks. All I did are the household chores that I usually do every morning and after that, I babysit our cutie 1-year old girl cousin. She's not hard to take care, so it's definitely fine for me.

When twelve noon had arrived, I prepared our lunch and did some readings. Eaten my lunch after and sat in front of my laptop and phone, waiting for the Google Form to be posted by our Instructor. And, the mind-wrecking moment had finally started by 1:03PM.

I answered my exam for about almost three hours and finished quarter to 4 o'clock. My braincells had been saying, "ouchie ouch!" especially when I got to the part of computation. Nonetheless, I still managed to survived and tadaaaa! I got a score of 56/60. <3

It's such a delightful moment for me. Coz I think, I'll be able to calmed down na in this subject and that I'll have a passing grade. Yah know, lagapak sa first and secon term exam ey. HAHAHA! :D Like I can sing, "London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down." or maybe "spaghetti'ng pababa, pababa nang pababa." πŸ™ˆ

After I took my final exam, I decided to have my afternoon merienda. It's not a foodie, okay? But, a power nap. I badly need that coz I've been deprived of that for weeks na. Apparently, I hadn't had my dream power nap. I just used my phone, doing random things. Thinking how can I treat myself with some loving for too much grinding this past few weeks.

Until Tita told me that we'll go to Milka Krem that night. But, Papa wasn't at home because he's in his sideline. So, I messaged me saying that he should go home right after he got some rest and he said "okay." Before 7:00PM, we leave the house. And, bro was the one guarding our house. He's not fond of going out so yeah. Next time na lang daw. Hehe!

For my get-up? I'm wearing the fashion black-colored high-waist shorts and a cream-colored sweater that I bought in the thrifty store. Partnered with my khaki-colored sling bag. Well, shoulder bag at that time. :D

Our first destination? To the .... Milka Krem!

The Christmas lights and designs are soooo extravagant. So perfect for dating (wala nga lang akong boyfie, huhu!) and pictorial. And, that's what we did right away. I captured a lot of photos and videos of the magical views coz I really planned to share it here. Here's some of my shots:

There's a lot of lights, yeah. Yayamanin, haha!

I also had videos (mp4 format) that I converted into GIF file but I can't attached them because the file is too big daw. So, it'll be all photos that I'mma gonna share.

Thanks, sis for taking photos of meeee! <3 Pak na pak ah, I looked like I'm tall on some of my photos. Hihi!

And of course, the night out will not be completed without having some photos with the fam. Sis was not in the mood for some picture-picture, so technically? She's just taking some pictures of us.

It's a good thing that Papa agreed to take a picture. Camera shy ih, haha!

This, this is the photos that I really liked. See our smiles? Visible that we're enjoying the moment, right? πŸ’“

After almost an hour of walking and capturing some views in different angles? We proceeded to the stalls of foods. Yummy-licious foods, I mean. :D But, the prices are so expensive like we're just gonna pay for their products' name and not for the foods themselves. So, we just opted to just buy foods at the city food park where cheaper but delicious foods are everywhere. 😍

Next stop? ..... Philippine Carabao Center (PCC).

It's the most popular producer of dairy products in our province, Nueva Ecija. Oh, should I say the whole country? Hmmmm ....

Anyways, we don't need to enter the vicinity of PCC. Oh, we can't talaga in the first place coz they're so strict in allowing other people to enter especially when they're breeding water buffalos. Numbers of people can cause stress to them eh. Bck to the business, their Christmas Pailaw was just outside the main gate and along the national road. It's more simpler compare to Milka Krem .....

But, what I love in here? This ...

Then, we saw this couple who are also looking at the man-made rebulto of baby Jesus, Mama Mary, Joseph, the three kings, and a camel.

What caught my attention is the cartons that the man was holding at his back. My soft heart had crumpled immediately ... but I was so touched when his wife kissed Jesus' foot for so many times. It was indeed a proof that life status isn't a hindrance to not be devoted to Him.

Though, I was thinking where does those cartons are for? Are they collecting it or will use those as they sleep? My heartttt ... </3

We didn't take too long in PCC unlike for the time that we stayed at Milka Krem. But, it's all worth it. So much!

Also, I got to see how our college entrance looks at night. Been more than two years since I last saw it. Missed yah, College of Agriculture! πŸ’š

Last stop? .... Munoz Food Park! 🀀

Well, nothing's new in here place as I've been here for so many time. Nonetheless, it is the place where thrifty clothes, tons of foods and drinks, toys, slippers, name it. They're all here. Just prepare you wallet or pocket coz for sure? You'll be tempted to spend a lot for the foods and all.

Just like what happened to me .... I got budol by the buying 11 sticks of grilled street foods (ihaw-ihaw) and 7 pieces fried chicken for our late dinner, and other foodies and drinks. I even bought 4 pieces of hotcakes with lots of cheese at the top, 30 pesos worth of lumpiang Shanghai, special bibingka and goto, and mooooore. Also, some pasalubong for bro. To sum it up? I spent almost $10 just for one night. Hehe, opo. Nabu-budol pa din ako kahit suki na ako nitong lugar na 'to. πŸ˜…

Though, I didn't regret that I spent that amount of money. Why? It's worth it, we enjoyed the moment. We feel so full and we're happy. And, most importantly? I got the chance to unwind and I feel so relieved after that night gala with the fam. So, what's the point of having such regrets? Right? :)

I, we really enjoyed this moment. Until next time, fam! Let's go to San Jose naman, next time. ❀❣

That's all for today, guys! :) It's kinda late to share this one but it's soooo worth to be shared, so goraaaa.


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Published by December 17, 2021

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Written by Β Β 187
1 year ago
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Dami nagalaan ah. Happy na nakapag unwind ka.

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User's avatar Yen
1 year ago

Seksi naman bhe, buti pa kau nakapasyal naπŸ˜€

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Wahhh, why naman nakakainggit naman kasiii, pero chorrr lang haha katamaran iz real mas gusto ko humilata kesa mamasyal.

Anyways, ayiehhhhh happy family yarn nakapag bond din kayo ng bongga ano at di nalang sa bahay lagi.m πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ˜

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Grabe ate, namiss ko ate gumala sa perya hehe kasama mga pinsan ko kasi epal naman itong pandemic. Naalala ko ate na tinitreat kami ng tita ko sa mga rides saka mga foods tapos tamang visit lang sa munisipyo haha.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

It's very important to unwind after all that

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1 year ago

Christmas is in the air 😁

$ 0.00
1 year ago

sometimes we need to go outside to see the place thats more relaxing our mind and body at the same time makes happy and enjoy. upon seeing all your picture its so much really enjo, you feel as well the essence of christmas by droping in the sabsaban

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1 year ago