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My Top 10 Crypto Income Sources - May 2020

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2 years ago

Ladies & gents, time for a new edition of my top 10 ways to earn crypto currencies!

Still unemployed, so still enough time to try out new games/sites to earn cryptos. After 5 months of this I have not found anything that really justifies the time you have to put in to make the small amounts. But most of these are fun and the value of assets you collect COULD increase quite a lot if the games or crypto currencies in general become more mainstream. That's what I tell myself to keep going at least :)

Only one new entry in my top 10 this month, but it's getting harder and harder to break in as I am calculating total profits. May need to change that to monthly profits soon. If you have any other suggestions that could break into my Top 10, please let me know in the comments.

Something I would like to touch on after getting some direct feedback last month. Of course I am posting my referral links where possible, it would be a way to increase the income in some cases. If it is a referral link and in the top 10 I will mention the word referral and I now will also add how many referrals I have as it may influence the profit. But believe me, there is only one case where it has made any difference and that is LBRY, more info down below.


Number 1 - Blockfi (→0)

Profit: >150$ (BTC)

So Blockfi got hacked this month! All my personal data was comprised, including account balances and my home address. So if I just stop posting next month then some hard core dudes have stopped by to relieve me of my modest crypto holdings :) But they're still my number one due to their high rates. Is the profit worth losing all my data? Probably not. Was my data already out there anyway? Probably.

And hey, this is a good time to join, surely they've beefed up their security after this major embarrassment :) They handled the hack pretty well in my opinion, total transparency and a small compensation of $25 GUSD which I immediately converted into BTC.

Anyway, here the rates I'm getting as of time of writing:

  • BTC: 6%

  • ETH: 4.5%

And here my referral links if you want to try them out (0 referrals as of today):


Number 2 - Forgotten Artifacts (→0)

Profit: $137.61 (ENJ Collectibles)

Holding strong at number 2, this nice little dungeon crawler a la Diablo that seems quite profitable. I am doing one run a day and the four blockchain items I get for each adventure stone is adding up nicely. The fact that the price of the ENJ token increased by around 50% helped too :)

Sign up here if you wanna join the hunt:


Number 3 - Axie Infinity (NE)

Profit: $32.31 (ETH Collectibles, SLP, DAI)

If you check out the name of my axie team then you will get the gist of how I feel about them and this game sometimes :) This is the perfect love hate relationship for me. This game is hard to get into and can be frustrating as hell. But when you start mastering it, it feels pretty damn rewarding. 

You have to buy at least three axies to start off and they sell at around $4 at the moment. So I went in and bought the cheapest ones I could find, I had no idea what I needed anyway. That was my first problem, because to actually profit from the game you need to complete the daily quests. That means completing 10 adventures (PVE) which is easy enough (but boring) and 5 arena matches (PVP) which is way more exciting but really really hard if you have no idea what you're doing.

So I ended up buying different axies, selling one of my losers and managed to start completing the daily quests. Now to the beauty of the game. For completing the quests you get SLP (Small love potions), which can be used to breed your axies. The little baby axies that result from this then need to morph from egg to larva to petite to big adult axie. They can be sold off in any of these forms and this is where i can see the potential to make profit. You can also trade land, although land game play is not implemented yet. I bought a piece of arctic land at 0.3 ETH, cheapest is now going at 0.35 ETH. Some earning potential here too.

To summarise, you can earn by trading, breeding, completing daily quests (SLP) and you also get some DAI sometimes when playing arena games during the ranked season. Nice!

Sign up for the game here:


Number 4 - LBRY (2)

Profit: $20.72 (LBC)

So this surprised me. This is the only platform where I really benefited from referrals, 17 in total which made me around $9. Otherwise I just log in once a day, watch a few videos. You get a random amount of LBC once a day for watching a video and there are various "achievements" you can earn to get more.

If you are interested in a censorship free alternative to youtube, take a look using my referral link (17 referrals as of today):


Number 5 - Publish0x (→0)

Profit: $15.02 (BAT, LRC, DAI)

Defended it's spot at number 5 bravely. My favourite site to consume crypto content. Got an amazing $2.39 for my April Top 10 post too, thanks to everyone who tipped, really appreciate it.

Here's my referral link if you wanna check it out (1 referral as of today):


Number 6 - Blockchain Poker (↓2)

Profit: $14.61 (BCH, BTC)

Blockchain Poker drops another two places. I'm shit at poker though so that doesn't help :) and the bigger free rolls have disappeared completely unfortunately.

Here my referral link if you want to try your luck at the tables (0 referrals as of today):


Number 7 - Banano (→0)

Profit: $3.91 (BAN)

Playing the Black Monkey faucet game once in a while, getting tips on reddit and various airdrops made me this nice little profit.

Here is the wallet I use to store those precious Bananos and a link to the Black Monkey faucet game:


Number 8 - Brave (↑1)

Profit: $3.56 (BAT)

Brave making a little comeback. It was quite strange actually, I had practically no ads until last week and then suddenly I get a few ads a day. If you are interested in earning some BAT while securely browsing, download Brave here:


Number 9 - 0xUniverse (↓1)

Profit: $3.27 (ETH Collectibles)

Due to high gas prices I was not very active in this game last month. The gas cost made spaceship expeditions too expensive, but I built a factory on one planet and should now be able to produce some energy soon. No idea if that is really profitable though, I don't really know what I'm doing in this game :D

Check it out if you're interested in a space exploration game where you own the planets you find:


Number 10 - Uptrennd (↑2)

Profit: $1.33 (1UP)

Uptrennd breaks into my top 10, but mostly due to the 100 UP I won in a contest, big thanks to Christophe Wilhelm :)

Otherwise I have been using my 1UP to level up and boost my posts. I like this site, but I think it's quite hard for newbies to get any views without using their hard earned 1UP to boost them. And then it is rarely profitable, I have spent way more to boost than I have recevied in upvotes. Probably because my posts are shit. We'll see how this one goes, for sure I see potential for this to climb the ranks.

Check it out there with my referral link (0 referrals as of today):


Adding everything else I'm actively using down here for completeness, check out my previous posts for more details about sites that were previously in the Top 10.

  • 11 (↓1) - Prospectors: Browser strategy game - Profit $1.23 

  • 12 (↑6) - Dualmine: Apparently legit cloud mining, we will see soon :) - Profit $0.66

  • 13 (NE) - Earn by posting and commenting - Profit $0.14

  • 14 (NE) - Rising Star: Idle brower game, earn Starbits while becoming a mega super star - Profit $0.12

  • 15 (↓2) - Stakecube: Get and stake a tiny bit of free coins daily - Profit $0.09

  • 16 (NE) - Trybe: Earn by posting, rating, commenting - Profit $0.04

  • 17 (↓3) - Sorare: Blockchain Fantasy football - Profit - $0.00

  • 18 (↓2) - Pi: Low effort free mobile mining (Referral code: iluvsheep) - Profit $0.00

  • 19 (↓3) - Splinterlands: Fun blockchain card game - Profit -$1.40

  • 20 (↓17) - Gods Unchained: Fun blockchain card game again - Profit -$3.34

  • 21 (NE) - Hedgie: Browser idle game - Profit -$15.92

  • 22 (↓8) - Rollercoin: Mining simulator with virtually no chance of making your money back :) - Profit -$17.84

Many thanks for reading if you made it this far. Have fun stacking those sats!

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2 years ago
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It is a realy comendable way of eaening . Wowww you have a lot od income soures man

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