Forever sigh

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1 year ago

What will I do? What should I do? I've set my eyes, and they are on you.

Shed light on my path. Meet my eyes and show me your heart.

I will not cry but I will forever sigh. Show me mercy and lighten my day.


What will I do with you? You are unattainable.

What will I do with myself?

Should I demonstrate, for you to compensate? All these headaches and pains, I cannot do without you...

I'll use the pen as my spear and gear, to battle with the pain even if in the first place there was no gain.

I will also do good with songs, with music and dance, to drive the loneliness away and I won't be here to stay.

I'll go where I can see myself as an outsider. I will live life and wait at the gate. Until you pass me by, until your eyes see mine.

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