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NEXT Protocol - ​Defi Tokens for the Robot Economy

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In modern times like today, there are many things that humans can do to help and simplify their work, for example by using robots for jobs such as producing goods or other repetitive tasks that can be done better and faster.

Robots not only function in production, robots can also help services in restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, and many other things that robots can do to help human work. Therefore, many companies are now starting to employ robots to help their companies.

Talking about robots, maybe you will be interested in this platform, this is a platform that provides a protocol that helps developers to be able to build and publish their robots, this is NEXT Protocol - build, create and collaborate next-generation robot and its associated application to the real-life problem -solving use cases like Covid scenarios, Robot Gaming and Robot NFTs.

NEXT Protocol: ​Defi Tokens for the Robot Economy

The NEXT Protocol is a protocol that allows developers to build robots and tokenize them. With the solutions offered by the NEXT Protocol, it is possible for developers to easily publish robot services in the market and get profit from it through their tokens. Each robot earnings will be distributed to token holders, which can be stake and get the yield from it.

The solution developed by the NEXT Protocol is fairly innovative where each development can not only build their own robot but can also customize tokens for their robots which will bring benefits to developers through the robot services they offer.

NEXT Protocol has observed the market and has estimated that in the present time the role of robots is very much needed for various things, for example, such as during a pandemic like now, robots are very important in handling Covid-19, by providing health services without physical contact. So that the future of NEXT Protocol is very potential and the market is very broad.


NEXTiBOT is an AI-based robot that is fully supported by the NEXT Protocol. NEXTiBOT is intended for touchless management systems, intelligent receptionists, social distance monitoring inspectors, and many others. NEXTiBOT aims to create a world where robots can be integrated into everyday human life, which can streamline and accelerate human work. With the help of NEXT Protocol, not only will we build robots, but we will also build an economy, which will support developers in providing and developing robots. Following are the features of NEXTiBOT;

  • Self Aware: Robot learns everything from the basics and with the robot computing will be able to detect and complete tasks properly.

  • Sensor Enabled: The robot will be equipped with sensors.

  • Voice / Touch-Based: Voice or touch options to interact with the robot.

  • Camera Enabled: With the camera, it can increase the flexibility of the robot.

  • Auto Navigation: A navigation feature that is able to make the robot navigate autonomously.

  • NLP Based: Robots can interpret voice commands and act quickly and accurately according to orders.

NEXT Token

NEXT is a token provided by the NEXT Protocol. NEXT is based on ERC-20 tokens, which allows users to store them in digital wallets that support ERC-20 based tokens or trade them on exchanges.

NEXT token holders can stake their tokens and get a yield from their staking. Token holders also get 50% of the rental yields of the robots, which are given by robot providers to the ecosystem of NEXT token holders. Not only that, by becoming a NEXT token holder, you have the opportunity to vote on Robot work and deployment decisions.

In Conclusion

In the future, the role of robots is needed to help and accelerate human work, such as health services, intelligent receptionists, touchless management, and many other things. Therefore, experts say that the robot industry has great potential in the future. NEXT Protocol wants to accelerate the integration of robots into everyday life, by providing a protocol that helps developers to build, create, and collaborate with next-generation robots and also allows them to be able to tokenize their robots, which will generate additional value in the form of profits. It is a platform that combines robots with DeFi properties which are very profitable.


  • Use NEXTProtocol to build, create, and collaborate next generation robot and its associated application.

  • NEXT Protocol is a protocol that allows developers to build robots and tokenize them.

  • NEXT token holders can stake their tokens and get a yield from their staking.



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Written by   72
9 months ago
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