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DIFX - World’s First Fully Insured Cross Asset Trading Platform

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Cryptocurrency is a hot topic discussed by the public today. Since its emergence in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has continued to grow and has succeeded in revolutionizing traditional financial markets to become more modern. Cryptocurrency is considered capable of being a payment system that allows participants to be able to transact more quickly, safely, and anonymously. Because of this feature, cryptocurrency has grown quite significantly. To date, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is up to $ 1.54T and will continue to expand according to the forecast of experts.

However, since its appearance, cryptocurrency has not changed much. Problems such as high transaction fees, slow payment remittances, cross-border payment inefficiencies, etc., still exist in the cryptocurrency market. This is hindering the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. And DIFX wants to present a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that will provide significant changes in financial asset trading. DIFX provides an exchange service with a network that connects individuals, prime brokers, corporations and simultaneously addresses the problems in the industry by providing simple, effective, secure payment and cross-border trading solutions.

DIFX: World’s First Fully Insured Cross Asset Trading Platform

DIFX is an exchange platform that allows users to perform various activities such as trading, ico's, entities trading in cryptocurrencies, asset management, and many more features that will be presented in the future. DIFX is an exchange platform that combines a centralized and decentralized system directly supported by blockchain technology. DIFX provides trading services that allow users, whether it's beginners and advanced traders, investors, and institutions to trade with a user-friendly interface.

DIFX will utilize blockchain technology to make the remittance services accessible and to add value for customers. DIFX will fully use digital currency for all transactions on the platform. In this way, not only does DIFX make payments easier, because digital currency is easier to use, but it also contributes to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency campaigns.

DIFX will ensure that this platform is easier to use, reduces settlement time, and efficiency in trading. Security is also an important priority DIFX - security-rich transaction network will be DIFX priority along with immutable ledger records, which will record all user transactions and keep them safe and secure.

DIFX Features

DIFX allows users to trade or access various crypto services through a user-friendly interface. DIFX will fully utilize blockchain technology to present a reliable and trustworthy trading platform for users. Following are the features provided by DIFX;

  • Low trading fees: DIFX only charges low fees to traders.

  • IEO support: DIFX also supports IEO. Users can participate in the DIFX IEO program.

  • Bonuses and discounts to DIFX holders: DIFX token holders will get benefits in the form of discounts and bonuses.

  • Crowdfunding platform: DIFX provides a crowdfunding platform for developers who want to attract investors.

  • Simple and intuitive interface: The DIFX interface is simple and intuitive which makes it easy for traders, especially for beginner traders.

  • Referral system: A referral system that will benefit referrers.

  • Fiat support: Apart from supporting the digital currency, DIFX also supports fiat currency.

  • Robust trading software: DIFX provides traders with a variety of trading software.

  • Facial recognition and voice id: Face recognition and voice id features that will secure user accounts.

  • DIFX fee discounts: Discount fees for DIFX users.

DIFX Token

DIFX issued a token which is named "DIFX token" this is a utility token that functions as a payment on the platform. It is an Ethereum ERC-20 based token with a total supply of up to 550 Million Tokens. By using this token, users can make transactions faster, get various bonuses and discounts, quicker payment settlements. Following are the details of the DIFX token:

Symbol: DIFX
Total supply: 550 Million Tokens
Soft Cap: USD 13.2 Million
Hard Cap: USD 50.94 Million
Acceptable payment options: BTC, ETH, USDT

To Conclude

Currently, cryptocurrency is quite popular among global traders. Many traders have started to switch and use cryptocurrency not only as their investment instrument but also as their payment. This is because cryptocurrency is easier to use and the transaction process is faster than traditional systems. However, since its emergence, the cryptocurrency market has had several problems that hinder the adoption of cryptocurrency. DIFX intends to be an exchange platform that will address the problems that exchange platforms often face. By utilizing blockchain technology, DIFX will solve the problems in the industry and become the world's first fully insured cross-asset trading platform that is safe, low fees, fast, highly secure, and accessible to everyone globally.

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