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The Meaning of Life and Picking Berries

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11 months ago

While I sat in the baking sun, picking our latest crop of black currants, I had some very profound thoughts on the nature of life. And I have now taken a break from my labour and will share my fruitful philosophy (ha, that's a joke.)

Berry picking is a lot like life. When you first look at a bush full of ripe berries, waiting to be picked, it can be overwhelming to see so many things you need to do all at once. It feels like you will never get through it all. And yet with some patience, taking one berry at a time, the bush will be picked. Just don't look at the whole thing at one. Focus on each berry on its own.

Some berries aren't ripe yet, and aren't worth picking. Things in your life are just the same. Don't worry about them until their time. Stick to the actual immediate issues that matter. Unripe berries aren't meant for the moment.

Ever pick berries on a bush, and think you are finished, until you shift some leaves aside and discover another load of fruit you somehow missed? Yep, just like life. Expect the unexpected, even when you think your work is done.

Today, I insisted I could pick the whole patch myself, but was starting to struggle under the hot sun. I don't do a lot of outdoor work and don't have the greatest stamina. My husband came out and helped me finish. Another lesson learned, that there is nothing wrong with getting help when you need it.

Berries are worth the effort!

And in the end, even if you are covered in bug bites and your arms are scratched from the thorns, you do have a bucket of lovely berries as your reward.

Now, I sit at my desk with some iced coffee, trying to decide what to do with all these black currants. I hope I have given you something new to think about.

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11 months ago
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Blackcurrant honey! An oxymel! that's what I did - thyme, blackcurrant and honey and ACV. Delicious and medicinal! You can also freeze them and add them to winter stews and gravies.

I get a bit philosophical in the garden as well.

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10 months ago

Very true indeed. If we look at things as a whole, it is usually overwhelming but when we break them apart, doing little by little, soon it will reach completion. And true too how many things in life appear when we least expected and we will need to readjust our plan. Nice write-up. Hope to read more of you :) Have a berry happy weekend!

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11 months ago