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This Free Bitcoin Faucet Pays Over 600 Satoshi Every Hour!

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11 months ago

This free bitcoin faucet pays an amazing amount - over 600 satoshi every hour.

Most crypto faucets pay around 20 Satoshi every hour, although today i wanted to show you how you can increase your faucet earnings on and earn over 600 Satoshi every hour.

Usually this faucet pays around 20 Satoshi per claim, although you can win up to $200 in bitcoin sometimes if your lucky, it's a fun and easy way to earn bitcoin online.

To increase your earnings up to around the 600 Satoshi mark, you need deposit money and play the dice game.

The dice game on is one of best i have played and is provably fair, and by auto betting using the dice game you can generate rewards points which can be used to upgrade your faucet earnings, get more lottery tickets and get more rewards points.

With your reward points you can upgrade your faucet earnings along with other upgrades, you can also cash your rewards points in for bitcoin or cool prizes such as Trezor wallets.

Here is one of my best strategies for using the dice game, you can use this to gamble automatically and if you have 0.01 BTC in your account you can leave this running for days and weeks without losing.

First set the bet to 1 satoshi, and choose hi or low.

Next, on the right side click "on lose"

Check the box increase bet, and input 107% as the variable.

Then click randomize seed client and the do not refresh option.

Click start auto bet when ready, try not to flinch when the bet gets up high lol..

With these settings each time you lose you will increase the bet by 107%, so you will always win unless you get too many wrong guesses in a row and run out of money.

This method could be used with around 100,000 satoshi and run for days winning bitcoin and generating rewards points - but this is risky - 0.01 BTC is much safer, although beware it's still possible to lose with this amount also.

This method can generate the rewards points, lottery tickets and other bonuses on and allow you to start getting big pay outs on the faucets.

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11 months ago
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Beautiful article

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11 months ago

Ummm.. you posted this a week ago.. But I am also on this site. I understand you have to bonuses on your account for those pictures, but I also know how much the payout for this facacet is. this week, with the biggest passive bonus I am getting 260 satoshi... not the 399 that your screen says.

This is blatantly faking screen shots to get people to refer under you and i believe thats exactly in the rules of "not cool" here.

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11 months ago

lol and now your down voting all my comments.. nice one mate. Can't even defend myself.

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11 months ago

Your saying i have fake screenshots? The bitcoin faucet is based on how much you gamble on the site. If you don't gamble you get 20 satoshi an hour. I deposited BTC so that's why my payments are higher.

But thanks for accusing me of fraud i do appreciate it.

"not cool"

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11 months ago