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Review Of Bet Fury Gambling Platform Dividend Payment System.

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1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin, Tron, Trx

Bet Fury is a gambling platform that is growing really fast.. mostly due to the dividend payment system - So today i thought i would write a complete review showcasing this powerful bitcoin earning system.

Bet Fury has been online for 1 year now and is fast becoming one of the biggest and most popular gambling websites.

The site allows users to earn a passive income by holding BFG tokens on the exchange, and the way you earn these tokens is by gambling on the website.

By holding BFG tokens on the site you will earn a share of the websites daily profit, paid automatically once daily in bitcoin, tron, bit torrent token and Tether.

Currently the dividends pool has reached an amazing 120 BTC, worth over 2M usd and it's growing very fast.

You can use different strategies when gambling, for example if you use these settings on the dice game it's possible to get a return on investment of around 450%, that's a staggering 4.5 X your original investment every year.

Using the dice game, put the bet on the min of 1 satoshi, click auto bet and fire her up.. you can earn 10 or 20 tokens daily using this method.

Bet Fury has a free bitcoin faucet which gives you 25 Satoshi every 20 minutes.. these free credits can be used to mine on the site and create a small passive income. i wrote a tutorial here showing you how to mine the tokens.

Another unique way to earn money on Bet Fury is by buying the loot boxes.. these bonus boxes give you back more money than it costs.. spread out over a month.

Often the return on investment for these boxes is around 10% monthly, although the only downside is these boxes are only available in limited amounts.

Join bet fury here -

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1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin, Tron, Trx
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While I like the idea of this, Any platform that promises returns similar to deFi % I am personally wary as to why they don't show us the model. Particularly any company that integrates gambling to their site. Great way to make money if you have the skill, and perseverance for sure.

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1 year ago

Well in my opinion, these defi platforms are nothing but ponzis. Buy tokens to stake tokens, sell those tokens to the next user for a profit = Ponzi.

This platform generates tens of thousands of dollars daily in profit.. all they do is share a percentage of this with users.

Ill take a real product or service over a staking coin that is only bought to stake and resell.. eventually it will collapse.

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1 year ago