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How To Get BFG Tokens For Free To Earn Bitcoin And Tron Daily.

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1 year ago

Bet Fury is an awesome looking crypto gambling website that shares revenue with token holders.

You can get free tokens by gambling, and you can get free bitcoin daily to gamble with.. this means you can generate a small daily income only using free credits.. no investment needed.

Here is a look at my account so far after investing around $200.. i will get my money back in around 150 - 200 days.

You can also reinvest your daily profits into gambling more and earning more BFG tokens which will in turn increase your daily earnings.

The free faucet gives you 1800 satoshi daily, use this to play the dice game on auto bet using this method and you can mine hundreds of tokens every month.

Join bet fury here -

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Telegram chat for affiliate marketers -

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1 year ago
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What is the minimum deposit, and withdraw? Have you ever withdrawn?

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1 year ago

Yes ive withdrawn many times.. payments are instant. Min withdraw for tron is nothing like 1 tron, bitcoin it's a bit higher at around 25,000 satoshi.

Site has been online nearly a year now, seems solid so far.

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