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WW2 $10 Malaya Japanese Occupation Propaganda Issues

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As the Japanese begin to lose the war, the British begin to drop this $10-note leaflets carried notice in Malay, Jawi and Chinese printed in red on the back and had Malay words written obliquely across the front, which meant "The Japanese invasion currency will perish with the demise of the Japanese ". The tri-language notice meant " The Japanese had been driven out of Burma and their invasion notes had been annulled. When the British return to Malaya, the straits currency will retain its value, but the Japanese currency will perish together with the demise of the Japanese ." At the bottom of the Jawi, test is a serial number SMA/39. The airdrop was made before the Japanese surrendered. As such, the people were afraid to possess the leaflet, resulting in today's rarity.

The purpose of this leaflet is also a warning to people that the Japanese Invasion Money will not be recognized by the British as money. Only those with the Straits Malaya money will be recognized. Many continue to hold on to the Japanese Invasion Money believing the British will exchange it at 1 strait dollar to 1 JIM dollar. People begin to offer their JIM dollar for Straits dollar at $700 JIM dollar for 1 straits dollar.

When the British finally come back to Malaya and it is confirmed that the British will not exchange 1 for 1 , the exchange rate becomes as high as $240,000 JIM dollar for $1 straits dollar. Sometime you will hear older folk talking about how they become rich or poor after the war. To me, it is more like a reward for those loyal to the British Empire. Another reason is the Japanese Invasion Money is almost valueless due to the Japanese printing too much of it. If the British go and exchange money 1 for 1, the British empire economy will be hit hard as the Straits Malaya coin are made with silver and copper but the Japanese Invasion Money is paper money back by nothing.

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Written by   141
3 weeks ago
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