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Malaysia 2021 25th Anniversary of Labuan FSA Set of 2 Commemorative Coins

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6 months ago

FSA stand for Financial Services Authority

Technical Specifications

Mintage: 1000 sets

it contains the Coloured Sterling Silver with Sapphire Stone (proof) and Nordic Gold (proof)

Retail sales price: RM341

Technical Specifications for RM1 Coins:

Type: Nordic Gold (B.U)

Metal: Cu89 Zn5 Al5 Sn1

Face Value (RM): 1 Ringgit

Diameter: 30

Weight: 8.5

Technical Specifications for RM10 Coins:

Type: Coloured Sterling Silver with Sapphire Stone (proof)

Metal: Silver (Ag 92.5)

Face Value (RM): 10 Ringgit

Diameter: 40.7

Weight: 31

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