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Malaysia 2003 Endangered Species - Land Animal Series 12 coin set

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Metal: Nordic Gold

Weight: 9.16 grams

Diameter: 30.00mm

Thickness: 2.0mm

Mintage: 40,000 pieces.

Mint: Kilang Wang, Bank Negara Malaysia.

Face value: 25 sen

The Coin in Education (CIE) program is introduced to educate the general public, especially the young generation on various subjects through a series of thematic coin program issues. The first series of the CIE program is the Endangered Species Series, which is dedicated to several endangered Species; amongst them are the severely threatened Sumatran tiger and Malayan tapir.

Most of the animals featured can be found in parts of Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. For instance, the Asiatic elephant can be found in India, Sri Lanka, Indochina and Malaysia, whilst the orang utan can be found largely in Borneo.

In recent years, the population of these animals has been badly affected by poaching and habitat destruction through deforestation. Many people are still ignorant on this sad situation. And through the CIE program, we hope to raise awareness regarding this issue.

In support of this cause, we present a complete 12-coin collection of the Endangered Species Series.

Animal featured in the 2003 Endangered Species Series are:

1. Sumatran Tiger

2. Orang Utan

3. Asiatic Elephant

4. Sumatran Rhino

5. Slow Loris

6. Barking Deer

7. Malayan Tapir

8. Serow

9. Gaur

10. Sambar Deer

11. Clouded Leopard

12. Proboscis Monkey

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