Malaysia 1986 5th Malaysia Plan (RMK5) RM25 Silver coin

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Face value: 25 Ringgit
Alloy: Silver .500
Diameter: 33.40mm
Weight: 35.00g
Mintage Proof: 5,000 pieces
Mintage for non-proof: 80,000 pieces


The 5th Malaysia Plan (RMK5) commemorative coin was launched by YAB Dato 'Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on August 30, 1986. 3 types of commemorative coins were issued by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM); 500 Ringgit of gold, 25 Ringgit of silver, and 1 Ringgit of Copper-Nickel.

The front of the coin has different designs according to the type of coin; an abstract design featuring the industrial sector for 500 Ringgit gold coins; abstract design featuring manufacturing, shipping, construction, trading and oil refineries for 25 Ringgit silver coin; and an abstract design featuring agricultural sector for 1 Ringgit Copper-Nickel coin. The word "RANCANGAN MALAYSIA KELIMA" which mean" 5th Malaysia Plan "is at the top and year "1986-1990" at the bottom of the coin. The back of the coin for all the coin is the same design with the Coat of Arms of Malaysia with the words "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA" on the top and the value of the coin is placed at the bottom.

The coins are minted by the Singapore Mint.

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