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Malaysia 1980 Proof coins set of 9

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1 month ago

In this video, I will be showing this beautiful set of coins issued by Bank Negara Malaysia in 1980.

I dare to say that this is one of Malaysia's collector's favorite collections.

The set comes with an elegant box lined with royal blue velvet material on the outside. the set contains 1 ringgit, 50 sen, 20 sen, 10 sen, 5 sen, and 1 sen coins in proof condition. It also comes with 3 commemorative coins struck in 0.925 sterling silver, which are the 1977 ninth southeast Asian games RM25 coin, 1976 3rd Malaysia Plan RM10 coin, and 1979 20th anniversary of the central bank RM1 coin.

Mintage: 5000

Minted By Franklin Mint USA

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