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Malaysia 1977 9th SEA Games RM200 Gold commemorative coin

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Technical Specifications:
Year: 1977
Face Value: 200 ringgit
Composition: .900 gold
Weight: 7.22g
Diameter: 25.24mm
Mintage: 12,000 pcs non-proof; 975pcs proof
Thickness: 1.33mm


The 9th SEA Games commemorative coins were issued by Bank Negara Malaysia in conjunction with the Southeast Asia Games held in Kuala Lumpur from 19 December to 26 December 1977. The sport was participated by 3 new countries; Brunei, Indonesia, and the Philippines who have just joined the SEAP sports association. This made the entire 7 countries participating in sports events including Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia who have participated in the previous SEA Sports.

The commemorative coins were issued on July 15, 1977, with 3 denominations; $ 200 gold coins, $ 25 silver coins, and $ 1 cupro-nickel. All of these coins were minted in the Franklin Mint, USA.

On the $ 200 coin front shows a man "Bajau" is riding a horse, $ 25 coins have a Southeast Asian map and a $ 1 coin shows traditional games of the moon. There is also the official logo of the sea sports and the words "NINTH SOUTHEAST ASIA GAMES".

On the back of the coin display Jata Negara Malaysia in the middle with the word "KUALA LUMPUR-MALAYSIA 1977" on the top and the denominator on the bottom

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Written by   142
3 months ago
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