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I Love Yoo! 8 treasure porridge

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1 month ago

Today not sure why today I don't feel well, so I just want to have porridge for my dinner. So I visit the stall called " I Love Yoo!" in KLCC Suria Mall, it is well known for its porridge and soya products.

For those who don't know what Porridge is, here is a Wikipedia explanation. It is a food commonly eaten as a breakfast cereal dish, made by heating or boiling ground, crushed or chopped starchy plants, typically grain, in milk. It is often cooked or served with added flavorings such as sugar, honey, (dried) fruit, or syrup to make a sweet cereal, or it can be mixed with spices, meat, or vegetables to make a savory dish. It is usually served hot in a bowl, depending on its consistency. Oat porridge, or oatmeal, is one of the most common types of porridge.

After looking at the menu, I order the 8 treasures porridge which cost RM11 per bowl if you dine in or RM11.80 if takeaway.

It is called 8 treasures because it contains the following 8 ingredients on the porridge:

  • fried onion

  • fried small prawn

  • pickle

  • spring onion

  • nut

  • chinese olive

  • egg

  • yoo tiao

The way to eat it is to mix it and enjoy the food, every spoon of porridge you put in your food will taste different because various amounts of ingredients appear in each spoon.

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Written by   165
1 month ago
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Another mouthwatering post. It would be a perfect breakfast. And I love how they name their restaurant. :)

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1 month ago