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1978 Cucur Udang

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1 month ago

After lunch, I came across this stall selling cucur udang, it is located at the Sea Park in Petaling Jaya area. It is really delicious and crispy.

Here is the price of their cucur udang, I brought 2 pieces for myself to try.

For those who don't know what cucur udang is, in english it mean Shrimp pickles. It is wheat fried in cooking oil. Shrimp pickles get their name because of the additional flavoring that is mixed with the wheat flour, which is dried or fresh shrimp. It is also known as pickles because of its size which is the size of a handful when placed in oil for frying.

In Malaysia, cucur udang is often eaten alone or with pepper gravy, peanut gravy or cooked with rojak, mamak fried noodles or pasembur.

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Written by   141
1 month ago
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