The Moment I Wake Up In My Dream

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I loved the words of Edgar Allan Poe, who said that all we see or seem to see is a dream in a dream. In this article, I want to explain this with the definition of "Wrong Awakening".

Even though we knew at that moment, I understood 100 percent that life has a plan for us and this is beyond all plans. Trust should come from the core and be reflected in the whole sphere of life. I forgot that I am a woman from the crazy hustle and bustle of life. It helped me remember it again.

Wake up wrong is seeing we wake up in our dreams. I don't know if you remember that it ever happened to you, but everyone has surely lived it. In our dream, lying on our own bed, we wake up in our room where everything is the same, we see us getting out of bed and waking up, and in a short time we really wake up. This situation is the state of dreaming in a dream.

Some of us compare this situation with a lucid dream, but this is not a lucid dream. It may have something to do with Lucid, but it is not itself. Sometimes it can happen very often in those who do lucid exercises, and sometimes it can happen right after the lucid dream.

If we know that he is in the wrong waking up, we have the chance to turn it into a lucid dream. Especially if we are working on lucid dreams, if we consciously code ourselves and fall asleep, we can turn false awakenings into lucid dreams.

The most obvious feature of waking up wrong is that you wake up in the same bedroom. But sleep and dream researchers have noticed that the power of controlling exercises limits what we can do with the wrong awakenings. In other words, consciously interfering with false awakenings reduces the effect of our freedom and creativity during the dream process. For this reason, I think that doing more intermittent exercises would be more directive and liberating than exercises performed repeatedly during false awakenings.

Exercises can be interrupted without becoming regular in case of wrong awakenings. I think there is a side that increases our awareness in false awakenings. What happens when you experience the wrong waking up, how do you feel? Thinking that you are awake, many questions can be asked, such as the lives of other individuals in your home and how they are affected by this situation. I think that guidance is conveyed in false awakenings from my own experiences and from the experiences of people who share their dreams, especially in revising our sense of control and intervention. If there are those who think they have had the wrong awakening, if they share it with me, we can go over them in the next articles.

My effort to become the perfect mother came out, which I suppressed by ignoring it. The masks I wore to cover my childhood wounds fell somewhere. This process was instrumental in restoring my motherhood. I had serious losses. I questioned the concept of friendship. I am balanced. I had the opportunity to observe, read and listen. I faced my definitions, my fears. Many different gates of knowledge have been opened. I would heal my own wounds if you healed him. I did things that I said never do. I stayed in the place I said never to go for months.

We came to the point of breaking up with my wife. The problem had surfaced so much that I really had a hard time stopping my running anger. I didn't stop it, then I drained it until it was over. I saw myself through his eyes. I was hurt, pity, and hurt. Then I realized that separation was not a solution and sent my love. To him, myself, my own mistakes, my childhood, my experiences, my strength, my weakness. I tried to rise from my ashes. Let's see what will be born from here, I said and gave birth to self-therapy. I had the opportunity to breathe and meditate a lot.

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