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Some little reminders to beautify Our Lives

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1 month ago

Life takes a whole new turn when we realize that our very existence is already a miracle.

A person who is grateful for every aspect of himself discovers the power to create the reality of life.

A miracle, an event that amazes people and is considered supernatural.

Miracles will happen in one's life if one becomes fascinated with man, if he gets rid of the judgmental, labeling mind.

If a person admires nature, protects nature and respects its beauty, miracles will happen.

Miracles happen if a person is aware of the emotions that affect his life and takes steps to transform them into love.

Another topic; People are like gunpowder at home. He is not satisfied at all. They want everything to be perfect, to have their every wish fulfilled. They always take care of others. The world always looks to those who are superior to it in business. They are never grateful. They both praise themselves. They say I am this, I am like this.

Women are unhappy. That's exactly why. TVs are pumping up the luxury life. It's a fake world. The lives of artists interest them. The curiosity of comfort, the struggle to get the second without paying off the debt of one of the goods, the race for waste, the curiosity of luxury have turned our lives upside down.

There is no communication in the family. Everyone reads their own. Serials have come to sit in the middle of our daily lives. We are praying during the break. She makes coffee during the commercial break, but the lady or daughter of the house. They sleep until noon, if you let them, they will find the evening.

What else should I count? All expenses of the house are on the head of the house. The unemployed woman is in pursuit of pure pleasure. He doesn't care where the husband finds it and where he earns it, his credit cards are blown, not exploded, what does he think? Think of the donkey of the house. What business does he have to work, let him win; meet his endless desires. And on the day of Allah, she should sulk and expect to hear words of love from her husband in return.

This is how a whole day passes, sometimes weeks, sometimes months, sometimes years. Our life turns into such a great war. There is no peace in the family, we cannot enjoy our life or our worship. This lack of pleasure is stressful. That's when an unhappy type of person emerges.

And the man, of course, is trying to look for happiness outside. Can he find it? No! He thinks he has found it, lingering for a while. The nests are destroyed, new ones are built, the same mistakes are repeated there, the same results are reached. Sometimes the old nest is tried to be re-established, the old spouse becomes valuable. But again, that happiness cannot be found.

So where are we going wrong? Is this the mistake of seeking happiness? Are we getting wrong data in making sense of our lives? Are we starting with the wrong theorems? Are the parents coding wrong while preparing the child for marriage?

Are we a generation that was provoked by saying "I will see you, will you treat your wife like that" and that was designed wrong at first? Moreover, the child who grows up with domestic arguments does not have much difficulty in acquiring such a life for himself.

In addition, the individual who does not have the chance to see a good example in this field has to see the happy life table either in dreams or in dreams. And as a result, we become a nation that is unhappy in the family and unhappy in the society.

So, what can we do after seeing this painting? In my opinion, this job falls to the state, and the children who will get married should be taken to family education, even in schools where it is taught to be a good individual, a good child, a good family member.

Values ​​education lessons should be given, the life of exemplary people should be modeled on the basis of religious values, not detached from religion as in the West, and efforts should be made to spread these values ​​and to educate students equipped with these values.

If a person experiences the power of forgiveness, he experiences the miracles of my self-lightening.

If a person dedicates himself to doing what he loves, he builds his own miracle.

If people honor their ancestors, family roots, the whole family opens the door to miracles.

Miracles happen when a person pleases another's heart and gives it wholeheartedly.

If a person prays for the well-being, health and abundance of the person, he invites miracles into his life.

If a person can accept and say "What is beautiful", he will discover that miracles are endless.

There are many ways to live a miracle.

Which is yours?

I wish you to go your own way and realize your miracles.

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Written by   64
1 month ago
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