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Making fun of life and ourselves

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2 months ago

Although everyone lives this life through their own truths and experiences, I think we all agree that there is only one opportunity to live this life. We can sometimes lose our joy in life in the pace of achieving the things we strive for and work for. However, the joy of life is precisely making fun of the setbacks and negativities that happen to us.

Not accepting what life brings is actually a momentary and futile rejection. Ultimately, we all have to face what happened to us and experience the negative consequences of those situations. For this reason, if we accept our flaws and wounds first, and even if we can humorously embrace them and make fun of ourselves, we will not allow our environment or circumstances to affect or upset us over these experiences.

We were about to approach the city. We learned this from the signs placed on the side of the road. Now we would be faced with a new settlement center. The place was flowing from our right to our left. We are now familiar with vegetation. There was not much change in the geographical structure either.

In time, we came across a cliff. When we saw the plains and wooded areas before, the rocks caught our attention. It was like it was built against a wall. It was obviously earthy, with vegetation on the top. It was rocky naturally. Its exterior looked polished enough to give it that slippery feel.

These groundbreaking cliffs caught my attention. Who knows, it has seen neither snow nor rain for centuries, nor how hard it has been a shelter from the wind blowing. But he was standing right. He stood there upright, despite all the plains, the trees, the various vegetation and the rare puddles. It protected the trees above it like a containment wall. Perhaps he was acting as a bulwark against a danger to them.

It didn't look like human-built walls at all. It would be unfair not to notice the "nobility" in its structure. Concrete did not have the coldness in him. It was as if he had a soul. So upright and dignified…

“Standing upright means something like this” crossed me as I was walking away from him. Obviously, he had such a duty in nature. It could, however, be torn apart by force. Is that what people do? They were falling apart without even seeing a sledgehammer blow. Such was the story that went through my head.

Again, leaving something behind us, our thoughts in our brains and our feelings in our hearts, we left that steep, solemn cliff. Let's get back to our main topic.

Benefits of making fun of yourself

1. Love yourself as you are. Try not to be disturbed by whatever is bothering you with your appearance, your situation. Complaining about your excess weight does not prevent you from making fun of them. The moment you manage to make fun of yourself, no one will be able to hit you in your weak stomach. Of course, size and dosage are also important.

2. If you can make fun of yourself, it means that you have a mature character that digests what you have and what you have. This makes you positive and happy despite the negativities you have or have experienced. Positive and happy people also affect their environment positively. Thanks to the positive energy you radiate, you will see that people are willing to support you instead of judging you based on your experiences. For this reason, being able to make fun of yourself opens many doors and causes you to spread positive energy around.

3. You are actually smarter than other people, even if those around you don't realize the intelligence underlying your cynical air. Combining your due diligence and observation with humor without internalizing it will make you smarter and more different from others. You started having fun with yourself first. This gives you the guarantee that you will not be bored in life, even if you are alone in life.

If you look at it from this point of view, you become free from the thoughts of others as much as you can make fun of yourself. The acceptance of our heart about our life starts at this point. It is the unbearable lightness of being.

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Written by   64
2 months ago
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Making fun of myself did not sound right. (at first). But reading this through made me realize it could bring about some good results after all. Thanks for this sharing..

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2 months ago

I agree and thanks

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2 months ago

You're welcome. :)

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1 month ago