Let's Write Our Own Independence Story

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As if kneading a dough, we join from one to the other from the bottom to the outside, from the inside to the outside. The game of life is full of endless riddles. Every time it comes out is a new you, that new is a new contemplation by folding in with your experiences.

The rules of the game are simple, the application varies depending on your belief and resistance mechanism.

-How much do you listen to your body?

-How much do you listen to your inner voice?

-How much are you own and loyal to yours?

-How much do you listen to your own word?

Do you drink that morning coffee just because of your habit, even though your body doesn't want it, or do you practice yoga because you believe it's good when your body doesn't want it?

Do you say yes because of your “beliefs” and “identities” you have acquired so far, even though he tells you not to get into those situations? Or when he tells you to "run, go", do you stop yourself on the road for the same reasons?

How much do you believe in your own opinion, your own invention? Do you watch the similar dreams of others to reveal it, do you entrust your existence to others? Or do you say "yes" to those who don't fit your idea just to be there? Are your fears driving you?

How much do you trust the promises you make to yourself? When you say "I won't drink coffee today", your hand reaches for the coffee machine hidden from you and you can't resist it?

Little exercises.

Each an exercise in self-love, each an exercise in saying yes to oneself. Life is a simple game. How willing are you to play this game?

We are tired.

Our resistance on both sides tired us. Our states that do not know how to stop in nothingness… Our minds, which cannot comprehend that beginning and the infinity of nothing, are tired. Our resistance to not being “evil,” our resistance to accepting “pain,” has left us powerless.

Do you have even more energy for defense? Will those arms always hang in the air?

Can you put both of your arms at your sides and let every emotion come and go?

But if you become "nothing", that is, an uncoded energy, every emotion passes through you calmly and easily transforms you.

This is not trying to be anything. It is the state of not fitting what it is into an adjective. It means okay. It is to watch. It is to magnify what you want while watching, to let what you don't want to pass without saying anything. Without producing a resistance, an emotion. Just watch. To watch, without trying to watch.

No matter how much it sounds like the unenforceable rules of the mountain and our judgments try to convince us of the impossibility of this situation, this is our essence. That's why it's so easy for us to adapt to this state. Remembering applies here! We remember. That we are a nothingness, a beginning, a vibration of infinity.

And this state is shaped by our mind, our soul. This is creation. This is a pure and original creation.

It is a creation independent of dogmas, beliefs and hidden agendas. It belongs to you and cannot be discussed.

And all this world practice is about being able to stand in this energy, to gain the ability of all humanity to reduce their "Godness" to this dimension.

On remembering.

What is it!

There is great movement in life, everywhere, in every moment. Each existence has its own unique color and timbre. This fastness is our only treasure that will take us to the whole. Our only task is to reveal it.

Our vital tasks cannot be put into an adjective like mental tasks. Vital duties do not point to results, they point to the way. The infinities of the path are shaped by your creative and unique vibration. That is, it gives you infinite will. Not an achievement, but to breathe in absolute existence, to draw the spirit in and to be fully aligned with it.

Getting out of the belief that life consists of the life of a human body (most of us have the knowledge, but do we have the understanding?) and keeping in mind the fact that it is an endless cycle, it is useful to be aware that we are actually in the creation of a divine existence at every opportunity. This anchor allows us to return to the center, to reality when we are lost in illusion.

When we go into the details, we are solving the mechanical emotional problems in the "helpless" limited world of our humanity. While we are wandering around, of course, we can be trapped by our own emotions due to the vibration of the divine and the infinite, and we may even tend to see everything in a limited and a pattern. But, as I said at the beginning of the sentence, these are mechanical emotional states. Places where we do an engineering, change the mindset, reshape the look. The changes we make here allow us to reach different feelings in our own whole, on our upper floors, to experience different awareness and to get closer to our center each time.

It is here that we mostly give up on creating ourselves, our hope is lost most here. However, this is where we build underwater. Failure is a mistake in our perception of time. Like drawing 8, we travel up and down each time. We become one inside and one outside, and this goes on endlessly, endlessly. If we look carefully, we are never in the same feelings as before.

That's why it's important not to judge yourself. Judgment makes you a guard at the beginning of an emotion. Neither the prisoner nor the guard can go.

In my times without you

I burn to drink

Have you ever heard of me?

I always mention your name.

I live your pain.

This period is a difficult one, an easy one, etc. I will not say. The world turns upside down and upside down. It always was, it is now. The only thing that has changed is the reasons. However, what we faced was always familiar and familiar. This time, in this scenario, today, now. Do you want to do something else?

Conscious that you are co-creator, even if you don't realize it yet, intending it, suggesting yourself.

There is nothing to overcome, nothing to pass! It's all happening and happening all the time, can you sing your own song, choose to have your voice heard, in this storm or in still water? Can you stop counting the waves and get in touch with your voice?

Can you write an independence story?

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I always wanted to break my chains. I will try.

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You should definitely try

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