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Let's realize the treasure within us together to overcome together

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1 year ago

As human beings, we started to produce and create even before our speaking skills were formed. Our meeting with our artistic spirit took place much earlier than our habits and skills in the modern age. Cave paintings, sculptures, the invention of fire are the best examples of this. We didn't have to be Austrians to know and love Mozart's 40th Symphony, or come from French culture to be influenced and inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince. Although it varies according to taste, of course, many examples like these can be given. Production and art do not have a definite audience or owner. Its contribution and presence is universal.

Although the meaning of creativity and the invention of expression are different for each of us, it is actually a form of self-expression in its simplest form.

I am glad that I had the chance to learn and share much more about the universal art of painting and its artists, beyond what I know on the surface, while watching the content of the program I call Realize Your Treasure. Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night is about what he saw through the small window in his bedroom during his time in a mental hospital, Salvador Dali's famous painting Uranium and Atomic Melancholica Idyll, which appeals to the subconscious, memories, and the illogical content of dreams to go beyond the vision of the human eye. I learned that he told about the feelings of death and depression that emerged with the existence of the atomic bomb as a means of mass destruction during the World War II, and that it carries traces of it. Even if we are not intellectually aware of the existence of pain in universal works that have existed for centuries like him and them, it is very difficult not to notice, not to feel.

Our world, on which we lived until the pandemic came, was tested by many epidemics, natural disasters, and human-invented wars. Artifacts created in the midst of those difficult and terrible times when their creators are no longer with us, but still live with us today. We admire Rembrandt's painting and become enchanted while listening to Beethoven's notes. Occasionally, that picture is the promotional image of an event, and that music, as the soundtrack of a movie, becomes a part of, and even complements, another work of art in a completely different volume of the new era, the new age.

Even if the works of art are about a very simple subject, they are the reflection of the intense sensations felt about that subject.

This production process and subject does not necessarily have to be about a beautiful object, subject or situation. Moreover, what I guess we can all agree on is that the degree of what we feel in difficult times is at a higher level. Of course, their expressions will be at the same rate. It should not be a coincidence that today's universally accepted works of art were produced in difficult times that affected the masses.

If you feel sad, tired, scared, worried or even angry during this mass epidemic that we are going through, which sometimes leads us to despair, fear, and sometimes makes us lazy, and sometimes makes us question our purpose in life, you are not alone and even normal. You may just need to reconnect with your weakened productive and creative energy. If there is a voice among you that says I am not an artist, I have no education, I would like to remind you that you do not need these to produce, and you do not need to be famous to be liked and accepted. It may be what you need to just start expressing your feelings during these difficult times, letting them be noticed, not ignoring them, transferring your feelings under the circumstances to something that won't make you feel invisible, insignificant, helpless.

Yes, maybe it can be difficult to start from something at first. You may not be able to find that strength within you right now. It might be a good idea to cook a dish you love, to try that recipe that you never dared to try before. Or, writing a sincere article with your own words, which are your motto in the moments that mark your life, knitting amigurumi toys or macrame can help you reduce the feeling of tightness felt by the difficult process while revealing your creative energy. Allow yourself to create, and you can see that what you produce, those that reproduce from you, will soon become your life support unit.

Knowing that there are those who struggle with similar things as we go through difficult times, connecting with them, collaborating with them can be the source of the impetus we need when we cannot find the strength to create something on our own. In this way, we can inspire each other and contribute to each other. Social media, which we all use now, can turn into a great tool to close this gap, share and motivate to be appreciated these days when we have to be distanced.

Personally, I spent this week in front of a canvas, holding a brush for the first time in my life. I will neither switch to literature nor make any financial gain from it, nor will I have a fan base. I shared the finished canvas on my Instagram story, received sincere compliments on my novice brushstrokes, brought my masterpiece and hung it on my wall. With the meditative effect of the making process, I was relieved with the satisfaction of sharing and being able to tangible the expression of what was inside me. This week's sincere invitation to you produce, allow to produce. When these days pass, when we all get through these difficult times together, we will have good memories of what we have produced.

I have blended it to present you the methods and information that are known and applied all over the world, which contribute to making a difference in my own life, and that have followed thousands of people with their positive results.

Life is very precious to all of us. My aim is to contribute to the fact that more of us regularly contact the richness of their own living spaces and live more through these tools and information that make a big difference in my life.

With your permission, I would like to bring to your attention a few comments from those who have just finished and who completed the program they carried out before that.

1st comment: It is an extremely understandable, simple and clean education, prepared in a thin and loop by thread, from the sweetest trainer, who has experienced and internalized everything he tells in himself, in his heart, and has a warm smile. It was a very enjoyable education that was far from chaos, blended with art, everything was considered individually. Thank you for touching my life, my world, my heart,

2nd comment: It allows me to get rid of a shell after meditation, the lightened peaceful state, the calmness that comes with guided meditation, staying in the moment, the awareness that I catch with daily practices, the happiness of being in the moment, the feeling of "I'm alive, here I am" by following my breath. Thank you very much for our practices and shares that create awareness in my feelings and thoughts. I am glad to have you and our paths crossed.

3rd comment: When I started meditation, my expectation was to learn to manage my emotional stress. As I progressed step by step in education, I learned how to increase my awareness thanks to the techniques I learned and to stop for a moment and focus on myself in this fast flow of life.

These breaks that I gave myself in the course of the day increased my awareness on the one hand, and on the other hand increased my focus and concentration time. Each week, as I felt myself shifting from one mood to another, I noticed a calm in the background. As this calmness reflected on my reactions, the flow of the day and my human relations, I started to experience positive changes in these areas as well.

Another thing I liked about this practice was the variety of meditation and the ease of integrating it into daily life. For example, I started doing many of the things I do with pleasure. In fact, I realized how exhausting expectations can be. Instead, I realized that having a curious perspective further benefits our acceptance of events or our progress through events.

And finally, It's literally a tiny footed library that brings light to every question in your mind. His rI have blended it to present you the methods and information that are known and applied all over the world, which contribute to making a difference in my own life, and that have followed thousands of people with their positive results.

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Written by   65
1 year ago
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