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Let's nurture that emotion with whatever we want to fill our lives with.

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1 month ago

All seeds are in the heart of man. Joy, passion, understanding, jealousy, selfishness, ambition… It is what seed you water that determines which experience will fill your life.

Before you take action on any action, realize what seed it will water. And that can be a little misleading sometimes. You may realize that it is the seeds of selfishness that initiate the act of benevolence. You've taken action to help someone else, but that someone else doesn't really care. All he cares about is appearing "helpful". “What difference does it make after helping someone?” If you are asking, the answer is the contribution of this movement to life and your growth. That is, as the act of helping you engage with a bountiful bounty enlarges and transforms you; Selfish help will not have the same effect.

People learn by modeling.

If you've never had a heartfelt person in your life, you may not yet know exactly what that means. This is so natural. Just realizing that you can't "yet" changes everything! This starts a quest in your heart... You sow an intention to learn from the experience of giving from the heart... And this quest introduces you to guides who will teach you that. Little by little, day by day, you learn from them this very natural way of giving from the heart… You probably even judge it because you don’t “know” it at first… However, if you look to get to know it, familiarity develops gradually. And you begin to understand that you have never truly given from the heart before. As you honor this value, more people who can do it naturally begin to enter your life, and this once foreign state becomes familiar. You gradually begin to apply what you have learned in your own life. And one day you realize that giving from the heart has become your natural behavior. You transform. And as you transform, everything starts to look different. Now you don't get mad at anyone for being selfish. Selfishness doesn't trigger you. You just know. Maybe even a sweet smile settles in your heart when you see selfishness in someone else. And you'll be a little sad too. You remember how difficult life is for someone who has not yet learned to give from the heart. Not only do you notice it, and you approach it from the heart, perhaps with an abundance that you will see for the first time. And he may judge it at first, as you once did. And maybe this will be the first day he invites abundance into his life. This flow that starts with you grows like a snowball.

It takes the form of whatever the mind (and brain) spends time with.

Shape your mind with positive experiences. You enter the office by saying good morning, help a stranger just to support him, look at passers-by with smiling eyes on the street, ask the shopkeeper how he is today instead of shopping quickly, when he comes home in the evening, instead of listing the negative events that day, these events are positive. Try to tell by seeing it from the side.

I say try because you have to teach your mind to see the positive. Since the mind is created to solve problems, when it leaves it alone, it will constantly search for a problem to solve and perceive everything as a problem. Only an educated mind can learn to see positive. Start today, even if you have to crawl. Step by step, you will see your brain transform into its natural way of working. And please don't let this be one of the hundreds of personal development posts. Do not be read. The only way for an article to change your life is to take at least something from it and apply it instead of reading and passing these lines. If change is what you sincerely want, this article alone can start a new movement in you.

Of course, this is very different from the toxic positivity that has been talked about recently.

Everything toxic is born from negative seeds. Toxic positivity is an attempt not to see it when your truth is unhappiness. These two are very different things. You understand, don't you?

Be aware of the intention behind your actions.

You will see it when you approach yourself sincerely. Not afraid to see negative things, but when you look to see the truth... Don't be upset by what you see negative, it's in the nature of being human... We are all made up of positive and negative seeds, but it is what seed we water that determines what we cover our lives and the world with. Look at your life, what trees have you grown… How is your relationship with your friends, your lover, and yourself? If what you see doesn't make you happy, change the seeds you water. Take care of your seeds, realize that every step you take creates a change.

Do you want to take a step towards a better life today?

I had an idea. I prepared it to increase our awareness and contribute to our awakening. By participating in this training, you can take a strong step towards improving your physical and mental awareness through yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breathing. The program is designed entirely for beginners. You do not need to have done yoga or meditation before. We thrive together in a pleasant and safe environment. We get to know life aids closely and learn by experiencing how we can use them to improve our quality of life. I can share later.

If you want to improve your quality of life but do not know how to do it or if you need support and guidance on this path, this program is for you.

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Written by   64
1 month ago
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