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It is time to free my mind from captivity

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3 weeks ago

Our captivity is from our minds, from what we have dragged from the past. We are now also physically captive. All loneliness, all our ability skills stand in a corner awaits us. We do not have the strength to stop and make an effort for more. We stayed here. The culprit is neither the sky nor our genes. There are no criminals. Life has brought us here, he said "Come on", can you continue to feed yourself in any condition? Can you say okay to love and be loved in all circumstances? Can you say yes to life under any circumstances?

Stand up!

Do something for yourself. Take a step to love yourself.

Because if you love yourself, nothing will be left. If you love yourself, the world will transform in an instant, and it's just for you!

Can you say no to every fiction that crosses your mind?

Can you hold on to your inner feeling and stand there without getting caught in them?

If you care about yourself, don't distract, nonsense, don't shred!

This darkness, this obscurity, somehow got us all in, but there is an exit, dear. Whatever the exit is, he hugs himself. He can do something about himself even with small movements. It means making yourself a cup of coffee, listening to his own voice for five minutes, looking at the image in the mirror and don't worry, I'm here.

Can you stand by yourself? Can you hug yourself and cry with him?

Not to cry at him, but to cry with him! Not mercy, not judgment, embracing him, healing his wounds. Passing means everything is passed and passing and of course it will pass.

To be your own closest friend, confidant. By showing him only affection, without judging him. By understanding!

We did these for others, willingly and sometimes forced. But we did not give a hint of what we showed out to "Ourselves", where we are the most cruel. We did not deserve this love for ourselves.

How much do you love yourself? Do you think you accept yourself as a whole with your pros and cons and live in peace with yourself? Or do you ignore your positive qualities and hit yourself on the ground for the negative aspects you find negative? Are you constantly criticizing yourself in your mind? Do you think you had a mistake because of the wrong messages you heard about yourself in your childhood? Do you engage in self-sabotaging behavior instead of treating yourself as you would your best friend?

For some people, psychologists like me who often emphasize the importance of self-love exaggerate the importance of self-love. However, it should not be forgotten that one of the most important foundations of psychological health is a healthy love for oneself, accepting oneself as a whole, not against oneself but with oneself. Loving yourself is the oxygen of the soul. People who love themselves, who are happy and at peace with themselves are generally people who do not hesitate to share this love with the world. It is worth underlining that I am not talking about loving ourselves in an egocentric way, but about loving ourselves in a healthy way without exaggerating our own importance.

I believe that the world can only be beautified by people who love themselves healthily. We all know how much harm people who do not love themselves and therefore do not love and respect their surroundings cause the world. Let's reverse this situation. Let's give more love to ourselves first, then to those around us and to the world. Let's use our energy to bring our life and the world to a better place.

Now is the time. When we need it most, it's time to give it all the compassion. Don't try to understand it, it's time to feed it.

With the patience of a mother feeding her child, trying to calm him down no matter what.

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Written by   38
3 weeks ago
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Oh, this is new to me. So you are a psychologist. Cheers to you and to your job. Thank you for your encouragement. People tend to give love to the world before giving it to themselves. The correct way is what you said. ♥️

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3 weeks ago

The right way is what you say. Nice word.

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3 weeks ago