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Being grateful for the good things we have in life by constantly remembering

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2 months ago

Although the first thing that comes to mind when feeling tired is physical symptoms of fatigue, such as 'being cut off from one's hands', low energy has a mental dimension as well as a physical one. You can better understand what we mean when you remember how sluggish, exhausted, and tired you felt when you were hardly physically active, but when you worked so hard, with a thousand thoughts, problems, and possibly intense work in mind.

Feeling mentally more energetic with positive feelings such as happiness and confidence; Since it is directly related to skills such as focus, willpower, motivation and productivity, mental energy is an extremely important need, a driving force to create positive habits and remove unwanted habits such as procrastination.

Mental energy, which has a significant impact on our physical energy levels as well as increasing our mental stamina and feelings of happiness, has an astonishing effect on the way we think, the perception of others about us and our performance. Since we feel more confident when our mental energy is high, our self-confidence is much higher and we increase our chances of success in everything we do by performing more effectively.

Some habits that you can include in your lifestyle to increase your mental energy and keep it alive will help you feel much more energetic mentally and physically, as well as get rid of the feeling of fatigue.

Make it a habit to be grateful

Although it may seem like "Pollyanism" to some of us in this difficult time we are in, it is a fact that life offers us enough reasons to be thankful. One of the best ways to increase mental energy is to be thankful by constantly remembering the good things we have in life. Gratitude requires us to focus on the positive and make an effort to voluntarily see the positive things in life, allowing us to move away from the things that bring us down mentally and reduce our energy. Thinking that we are earning the necessary salary to enjoy our life despite a negative situation at work or focusing on the fact that challenging life experiences and obstacles strengthen our coping skills and psychological resilience helps us to feel much more confident and strong. Gratitude is a wonderful tool for us to better see the things that really matter to us in our lives.

Try the negative visualization technique

The negative visualization technique is a method of increasing mental energy that has an important place in Stoic Philosophy. Stoics often envision the worst possible scenario, the worst that could happen to them, and practice staying unconcerned with the emotions and thoughts that this visualization generates.

The purpose of the negative visualization practice is to enable the individual to cope more easily with the psychological and mental burden that the realization of imagined negative situations will create on him. Practicing this technique often also helps us learn to reduce satiety and be grateful for what you have.

Most of us spend our free time thinking about things we want but don't have. On the contrary, the Stoics say that during the time we spend complaining about what we don't have, thinking about what we have and imagining what a lack of these things might change in our lives will help us gain a much more positive outlook on life.

Have people around you who shine with energy

Since humans are social creatures by nature, relating and bonding is an activity that increases mental energy in itself. In order to increase your energy, make room for people who think positively, who are energetic, who you enjoy talking to, who you think feed you. People who look at life from a positive window and shine with their energy will help you develop a more positive perspective and feel more alive.

Think positive

Positive thinking helps you experience positive emotions and feel more positive, and being more positive and optimistic helps increase your mental energy. Focusing on positive thoughts and making an effort to think positively when you feel depressed will help you feel more energetic and alive over time. Changing thoughts from negative to positive allows mental energy to multiply exponentially. As your thoughts evolve towards positive, it becomes easier and easier for your mental energy level to rise.

Simplify your mind

A cluttered mind is one of the main reasons why our mental energy drops. In our busy, busy and hectic lives, we all have millions of different thoughts running through our minds. The speed that technology brings to our lives, such as being able to access information in seconds or talking to dozens of people at the same time, causes us to engage in more thoughts in a shorter time than before. The easiest and most effective way to make our minds less busy with all these thoughts that consume our mental resources is to use tools that can reduce the busyness of the mind, such as prioritizing, setting reminders, taking notes, and using a calendar.

In order to keep your mind more organized and avoid making mistakes as much as possible, try to keep out of your head anything you don't need to keep in mind. For example, instead of keeping your meeting dates in mind, write them on your agenda or set reminders on your digital calendar. Instead of keeping in mind the things you need to do, prepare daily, weekly, monthly or even annual to-do lists and prioritize the things you need to do. Don't be afraid to ask for help, especially if you have responsibilities that don't require you to do so that can be completed with the support of another person.

Spend time outdoors

Sunlight and clean air play an important role in increasing our mental energy as well as our physical energy. Vitamin D synthesized in the sun, fresh air and spending time alone with nature are the most practical ways to increase our mental energy. In our biological rhythm, called the circadian rhythm, daylight hours are the hours when our minds are awake and energetic as well as our body. Therefore, the brighter you are in natural light and outdoors, the more energetic your mind will feel.

Take time for yourself to have fun

We often neglect to have fun and enjoy life in this period when it is risky to go out and spend a long time with our friends with peace of mind. However, spending time with oneself, with friends and family; activities such as taking care of his hobbies are extremely important for the renewal of mental energy. Fun activities that stimulate many positive emotions such as curiosity, excitement, happiness and passion help you feel more motivated and energetic. Fun activities help us to be more energetic by stimulating the brain.

Stimulate your mind

Not being busy at all, as well as being too busy, can also cause your mental energy to drop. For this reason, as in all areas of life, it is necessary to find balance in mental load and occupation. While some obstacles, difficulties and problems can give energy and mobility to the mind, the high amount and intensity of these obstacles can make you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and tired. Neither too little nor too much; You can revive your mind by having fun without getting bored with as many difficulties and obstacles as it should be.


Although meditation does not directly pump energy into the mind, it can be considered a mental energy booster as it regulates the thoughts floating in our minds and the relationship we have with our thoughts. Being aware of the mind and the breath, putting aside negative thoughts from the past and worries about the future, and staying in the present helps our mind to be free from all thoughts that reduce its energy.

Try new things

Doing the same thing every day, maintaining the same routines, and staying out of the comfort zone are among the factors that significantly reduce mental energy. When we stick to the same routine and develop habits that are inflexible, our brains tend to operate in autopilot mode. A mind that is closed to new stimuli cannot develop, think and cannot increase its energy because it has never been stimulated.

Therefore, to increase mental energy, try to step outside your comfort zone, learn new things, have adventurous experiences, and be spontaneous and unplanned. Take a different route to the job you go to every day, each time. Go to the nearest bookstore to your home, pick a random book from the shelves and start reading.

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Written by   64
2 months ago
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I practiced being grateful daily by writing things I'm grateful for everyday at my journal. It's a good habit I already developed. Also thinking positive and meditate. I do the others also but not more frequently. Thanks for this article. I love topics related to gratitude.

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2 months ago

Think positive and meditate, write a diary.

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2 months ago