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Evidence of Green Rose (Horror Part -3)

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1 year ago

For me, on the way home today, thoughts are scattered like never before

"TTT ..."

The driver, who was startled by the car horn, sent me a greeting from the car.

When I got home, I changed my clothes and ate some food

"Hey, make it better."

Annoyance comes in

"Hey, come in without shouting loudly from the doorway."

"What is the boss telling you to do?"

"It's nothing. I told her to go and get Sein Le Phyu."

"Oh, is that so?"

The conversation ended, and the two men remained silent. After a while, I

"Hey, aren't you studying? I still have to answer Eng." I'm not even sure if I'm born or not

"I will do it," you said

Slow down ´

"Calm down, go to the exam room and look at the question. Save Dad, save Mom. Don't save me."

"Do you have to be rescued because of praise? Calm down English."

Because he looked at the wind and drank

"Hey, I'm going to sleep. If you want to go to bed, come at once."

"I'm not sleeping. I'm going to study again."

I got the right perspective

"Yeah, that's good. Ah, well, I'll be chasing dogs on the way back."

"Yeah, I'm leaving."

When he left, he felt cold

As soon as I lay down on the bed to rest for a while, I fell into the darkness and fell asleep.

It was early in the morning when there were no students on the campus where I was, but it was cloudy.

It's like you're overwhelmed with something in the dark.

"Ma Sein Le Phyu"

It came out of my mouth with a sigh.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me,She was so beautiful with beautiful white Burmese Traditional dress and usually green rose.

I don't think she saw me walking alone on the school grounds. The picture of her was so beautiful that I inadvertently followed her. She was going to her house. A small stream of light flew from the fields near the house

Even with Lika, her sister-in-law was tied up

Events are moving so fast. I panicked and looked around to see who was doing it, but at that moment I could not see anyone.

"Ha ha, where else can I go?"

A loud noise in the air

"Phi ..."

She spat on the ground and turned in the opposite direction. From a young woman to a woman

"Son of a bitch, you did this to me."

Her hands were struggling to get out of bondage

At that time


After a while, a voice came from Sein Le Phyu, and the rose on her head disappeared.

I did not know what to do, and the man came back sweating

After a while, I was startled and screamed at the sight of him walking away from me.

"Hey, I think this boy is dreaming."


When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was a mother, and that I was calm because of my faithful mother's eyes.

"I'm still dreaming of growing up and my son is really my son."

I'm embarrassed by my mother's words. Yes, I'm ashamed of myself because I have only two mothers and two sons. But now that I was childish, I was not happy with myself.

My mother noticed my gesture

"When you get up, look at the time. Do you have to answer English tomorrow?

"Yes, I'm going to do mom."

As she waited, she went downstairs. I had to wash my face and focused on the text.

Some say that everyone is smiling, just like answering Eng in Burmese

"I got the answer to get English in Distinction."

I remember yesterday's dream while the two of them were talking and he seemed to be able to answer.

"Please tell her my house will be late today too."

Do not ask questions

"Calm down, I'll tell you."

He returned.

I was the only one going up the opposite direction to the students. The destination was Ma Sein Le Phyu House.

"Miss Sein Lae Phyu"


"I'm Htat Myat Aung."

"Oh, are you Htet Myat Aung my brother?"

When she got outside

"When did your mother ask you to call me?"

"No, I have something to say to you."

Her eyes narrowed

"I have something to say, right?" Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Then I told her all about my dream

"I'm worried about my mother because of the actor. I wish I was superstitious ´

"Why should I think of my brother? Thank you for telling me this."

I had a bad dream experience. Before my father died, I dreamed that my father had died in a shipwreck the night before I boarded the ship.

I never told anyone it was a dream, and the next day I heard from my mother that my father had died in a shipwreck.

Since then, I have been afraid of dreams. Now Sein Le Phyu was warned not to be like her father

"Believe me, my dreams come true because I do not want anything to happen."

"Be careful, ma'am."

"So one more thing to say."

"Are there any left?"

"Yes, she did, and the green rose on her head disappeared."

She was shocked when I finished talking

"It's gone, isn't it?"

"Yes, she is nowhere to be found. I tried to find out if it was on the ground, but I couldn't find it

"All right, brother, thank you for telling me this."

"All right."

"If possible, do not come in contact with your mother for fear of harm."

It is true that I was heartbroken

"What are you talking about?" I just came to tell my dream ´

"Do not come near my mother's house these days, even if you think you are like my uncle, because I do not want to hurt you, my brother."

It was as if I was being kicked out

"I have something to say and I'll be back."

"Calm down and come back."

He replied with a tired face.

Today, on the way home, I came home thinking like yesterday.

I wonder if my dream is to choose only my loved ones, why is she standing up now?

"Did I fall in love with her ...?"

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Written by   52
1 year ago
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I not ever seen this kind of beautiful flowers specially it's colour wow amazing

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Wao a green rose amazing article shared by you very nice and infirmative article shared by you

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You should do some stories on wattpad. You're story is great!!

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Wao a green rose amazing article shared by you very nice and infirmative article shared by you

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Green rose.. What a story.

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