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Evidence of Green Rose (Horror Part -2)

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"Hey! Get up man, look at the time.So,the principal will still punish you for being late for school".Thuya wake up to me.

The mouth speaks and the hand beats.

"Hey, are you waking up or screaming with grievances?"

"Hehe, get up with both."

I had to roll out of bed because of Thuya's touch.

"Do it man! I'm waiting in downstairs"he said.

"Calm down."

After he went to downstair, I refresh to me and go out.

When I reach to downstair, Thuya and Mom perpare for our breakfast.

But I short speech because of Thuya helped my mother to prepare for the breakfast.

"Hey bro!That's my mom."

"Oh Come on!What is jealousy?"

"Hey, All is well.You both are my sons."

Both of me said nothing because of my mother's response.

After breakfast, the two of us walked to school.

"Pen, pen ..."

It was time for lunch, and the time was fast approaching for me.

"Hey, I'm going to the bakery."

"Ok,let's go."

People were gathering on the street as the bakery came out.

Thya said "Hey, I don't know what to look for."

"If you want to see it, go and see for yourself."

""Come on, you too."

I don't even know how he got into the crowd because he was forcibly taken away.

"Al ..."

It was a voice coming from both him and me.

"Sis! Sein Lae Phyu"

Yes, there was a cat on her lap.

"What happened?" Thuya asked a girl nearby.

"The cat is going to die from being beaten by students. She cured it and now she's fine."

Knowing all the reasons, I took Thura by the hand and brought him out.

"Hey, it's only 15 minutes to get down from the bakery.If not now we will be hungry for a long time."


When the two of us came back after buying bread,we could not find Sein Le Phyu.The students were no longer around.

"See, did I tell you? She's not a witch. If not, how can you cure a dying cat without anything?"

He was right I do not want to deny it

"Leave it alone." I just said.

With only two days to go before the matriculation exam, I was overwhelmed with letters.

By the teacher's supervision, students are housed in dormitories,Thuya and I spent the rest of the day at school.

One teacher asked the other to sleep with the students and the teacher asked them to study the situation of the students.

Thura and I, who did well in grade, had to follow the school's requirements, like the teacher's assistants.

Stay at school and eat at school so if we are bore,we have to go awalk in the school.We can't go anywhere except in the school.

One day, while he and I were resting, both of us without rest to go walk the school's around.

"Hey, that's Sein Lae Phyu's home."

I looked at what he was talking about. The house was a one-story house with a bamboo wall and a bamboo roof and there is only a large field over there.

"I do not know if she is not afraid."

"Why are you so afraid of living here for so long?"

"Calm down."

The two returned to the auditorium and sat down.

Adults say the university entrance exam is a godsend. In addition, some students wear handcuffs and neck straps. The ropes are numerous;

Even my mother at home asked me to bring a pen as a gift. I don't even have to thank the astrologer for not doing special things.

When I got to school,oh! I saw girls with flowers on their heads and later Thuya was arrived there.

"What have you been doing for so long?"

"Before I left home, I had to pray to a nearby deity and take an exam."

My parents told me to do it, so I did not reply.

On the day of the Burmese test, everyone came out smiling because all the memorized exams are included.

At the entrance to the school, I remembered him and searched for him.

Is it because he is having an affair with a girl.

"Hey, my cow come here,I am waiting to you" I talked him with funny.

He come to me when he heard my kidding voice.

"Ok, I got it ,I got it." shouted and run to me.

"Hoo... Slowly Slowly.Care of slipping."

"Hey,I am happy to be there,Apostate man!"

"Don't call me Apostate man, your PaPa is waiting."

"Yes, I'm gone. Will you go with me?"

"Okay, I'm not going anymore."

"Two sons."

While he and I were talking, the teacher called

"Teacher, what do you have to do?"

The two said in unison

"Are you coming?"

"Anyone come to me,I come to home by myself but Thuya was coming by his father."

The teacher said "Ok,so Thuya go home, I only ordered to do some task to Htet Myat Aung."

"Yes, teacher, I'm going to come back."

I gestured to him and told Thuya to get home late

"Calm down, I'll tell you for sure"said Thuya.

"Teacher, what are you going to ask me to do?"

"No, it's not good for teachers to ask you to call Sein Le Phyu"

"Yes, sir, I will take you."

Now I can take a closer look at the house I once saw in the distance.

"Hey,Sein Lae Phyu! Sein Lae Phyu"

The house was inhabited by a young girl, so I called her from outside the house.


From inside came the voice of a woman

"Because my teacher asked me to call her better."

"Oh, come on, come on."

As she spoke, the door opened and she came out.

Today she is wearing a black Burmese shirt and a black longyi. It will look similar, but a little green rose on her head.

"Teacher, I have come with her."

"Oh, sit down."

"Yes, teacher."

"You called me my mother."

"Yeah, I have something to tell my daughter."

The headmistress is a virgin. I think she adopted Sein Le Phyu.

"A letter came to my mother, daughter."

She read the letter from the headmaster and her face turned red.

"It's just a human being. This guy has not been able to look at me since then. Now he give my mother this kind of letter.

The sound of she suddenly threatening me with my madness made me want to sit up and get up.

Seeing this, the headmistress

"Come here, my son."

I, too, stood up and stopped

"Do not tell anyone about this because it is about your sister's live."

"Yes, I did not tell anyone."

"Ok my boy,So comeback home because of the day over to night ."

"Yes, teacher, I'm coming back."

On the way home, my thoughts did not end there.

To be continued...

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Written by   52
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