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Smile in pain

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1 month ago

Laughter burst into the air,

A big smile carve on her lips,

Her brown-tinted eyes are sparkling like a diamond.

That pretty face cover it all,

No one else can see the sword stabbing her heart.

No one else can see the tears she covered with her smile.

There are no explanations or the excruciating pain she felt inside,

There are no words that can be used to express her definition of pain,

It does not matter anymore because now she realized that she is in no place to speak.

She has tried to stand strong as much as she can,

Holding on so she won't let another fall with her.

An explanation will no longer be of use,

Silent will be the only treatment,

For the no longer bearable pain in her heart

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Written by   242
1 month ago
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Wow!!..what a poem to be honest. This is absolutely so exquisite. You really did well

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1 month ago