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3 months ago

The perspective of a person mind is not something that can be easily altered other than by the individual themselves. There are two kinds of perspectives that I often encounter in my daily life. One is based on logical reasons and the other is for own benefits.

Logical reasons.

In my opinion, this kind of person is trying to avoid regret in their life. They will think of a thousand endings for every choice that they have.

If I take this...

If I take the other one...

What if I refuse both?

What if I choose the other instead of this one?

Perhaps it would be better if I wait.

Perhaps there are other solutions other than this.

Have you ever regretted your decision?

A lot of people asked me these two questions before I married my husband.

Are you sure you want to marry him?

Would you not regret it?

I might have regretted some of my decisions but marrying him is not one of them. I usually set my mind to think another way.

"If I did not make this choice, I might not get the chance to have a beautiful baby girl".

I have an amazing daughter. A perfect mirror of myself. She is the reason I have a strong will to succeed and bravely to take any daring decision. I will do my best to make sure that I will not have any regret in the future for every decision I make. If I have a second thought in the future I will probably start to regret it.

Personal Benefits.

The number of people who is willing to help others without expecting anything in return is countable. Deep inside us, there is always a desire to make sure we will not be lost.

This type of people mostly those who have a strong principle. They probably tend to ignore other needs if that can help them to achieve their desires or needs. It would be hard to change their mind once they made a decision.

Taking care of ourselves.

I need to be in a better condition if I want to be capable of helping others financially. Some might say that I am greedy without knowing that I am struggling financially. Nobody knows us better than ourselves.

We should not let other perspectives influence our own. We are wise in our own special way. It is alright to listen to other opinions before we can make a decision of our own. It is not an easy task but it is doable.

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Written by   244
3 months ago
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Thx for the upvote. I really appreciate it. I like your tag line and it's true, we only have one life and we need to live it.

We get so stuck in what we need to do or haven't done yet that we miss the magic of life in the now moment.

I took out my camera about 2 weeks ago after a long time, and suddenly noticed a flower bush I've been walking by for over 4 years and never realized the beauty of it. I cherish these moments to the full now.

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3 months ago

It is easy for us to miss a lot of things. Perhaps this is the reason history is often repeated. There will be time we miss the magic in life you said but whenever we realize there is one, grab it. At least we would not miss all of it.

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3 months ago