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Love that grow

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1 month ago (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)

Somewhere inside

Deep down inside

There are feelings

There are instincts

There are guts

There are faith

Life is not always easy

Rules are not always follow

Hope will not always shine

Some are meant to be kept

Some are meant to be thrown away

Some are meant to be followed

Some are meant to be ignored

During this worldwide virus spread crisis

There is only one question pop up in mind

Do I want to see my love one only once today or...

Do I want to see them a little bit longer?

Staying at home again and again

How long would it be?

I do not know but I hope it ends soon.

Be safe, Stay safe my love

Until the day come

When we will meet again.

Hug and kisses

with hope and prayers

I send to you from the bottom of my heart.

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Growing in love means the lovers helping each other to grow in their own respective lives which i a beneficial relationship and falling in love means both unknowingly wasting time of each other's, growing in love is what matured people do, falling in love is seen in teenagers which is normal, it will be good as soon as

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1 month ago

Nice articles

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