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Expectations: Share Your Talents(SYT) and it's sub-community.

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1 year ago

Reading the rules, I believe most of you will think that it is hard to follow because most of our moderating activities are prone to rejecting than accepting.

For those, we want to accept but did not meet a simple requirement, we waited for a response and editing to be done.

Every time we moderate, you will see our comment under your articles. We do expect replies especially those articles that we need clarification, confirmations or explanation.

My expectation as the admin.

SYT: Creative Smartphone Photography.

I prefer that you shared smartphone photography tips and tricks inside the article.

If you do not have one, you can tell us the process of taking the pictures. For example, you have to wait in a long line just for that one photography or you have to crawl under the thick bushes for it.

SYT: Creativity

This is a community for drawing. Whether it is a digital drawing or on paper, I need the tips on how to draw or it would be better if you can give the process of drawing.

I need the step by step process which you can snap-in between drawing time and the tools that you used to draw that drawing of yours.

SYT: Poems.

I do not know much about poems and it does not have to make sense but do make sure that spelling and your layout looks like a poem.

Let the message come through to us. There is a lot of poetry style let me travel into the world of poetry through yours.

Share your talents.

Do you write songs?

I want to hear it. It does not matter which language your song is as long as you give us the translation in English and what inspired you to write the song.

It could be you singing in the video or someone else that you appointed to sing or you can sing it in mp3 mode and add on an animation video to accompanies the song.

SYT: Recipes(Writes from your kitchen)

I need pictures. Indo does not mind if you used a picture from Google but it is not recommended as I read the rules here I You can use the one from Unsplash or I would love to see the real ingredients that you really use.

Something like this. This is from my own kitchen.

This community is the most simple one as the title said. Write from your kitchen.

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1 year ago
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