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Debts, Building hopes.

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6 months ago

The title is for sure not a pleasant things to everyone, I believe. I am not excluded. It was all alright a few years back. My debt management got worst the day I started a new loan for my house. A house that will be the last place I will move in.

I push myself to exceed my limit. I thought that it will all be alright. I cannot stand the long-distance drive to work and I wish for a better living place for my daughter. These two things enable me to go beyond my limitation of getting loans.

I am not supposed to get through the loans but I did. I thought I will be able to survive but then Covid-19 is not in my calculation. Everything change and my monthly payment become a disaster. There was no train operating on Movement control day but I still need to go to work. I did experience about a month or two working from home but that is all and no more whereas Covid-19 still going on until now.

I almost need to go up to courts because of my insufficient payment to the banks for my credit cards. They ask for a minimum amount that is impossible for me to pay. All my close friends nearby are also having expenses tight and I have nobody to ask for help. Well, this is not true. A friend on this platform willingly gave me the money to pay for a debt management program that turns my life back to normal. It is still an ongoing process but now I can feel at ease. Another friend offers to help too. I have two friends that I only know by their username and what they write on the platform that is very kind. Once again I am blessed.

Words of encouragement and comfort from all of them whom I met online are also counted as blessings. Having no money to settle debts is one problem but then without constant support from friends and acquaintances, things could get worst.

I believe each of us needs someone to accompany us. It does not have to be that they give us money when we need money. The important thing is that they are there to give any support in any way they can. We ourselves also need to understand that they are also in need or maybe just have enough to survive.

Being able to give something while ourselves is also in troubles is amazing. It is a wonderful feeling but we also need to remember that if we do not have enough for ourselves and way far from having extra, How are we going to be able to help others in terms of money?

I have achieved a lot of goals in my life. My new goal will be, to be able to pay them back someday even though they did not ask for it. Having this goal gave me the strength to move on and to work harder. It became another dream to catch.

To all new author on this platform, @Read.Cash is one of the easiest platforms to earn cryptocurrency. As far as I know.

I notice that some might not earn much or perhaps did not notice that they are earning. A friendly piece of advice, stop begging and start writing instead of only typing.

What I meant is don't write about you are not earning, write something that others might want to read. It is the same as building a house. You cannot build a house by just saying that "I want to build a house" and then the house magically appear before you. There will be a lot of paper to sign and hard work.

Earning from writing is not a one day work. It took years of building readers. One reader might not be able to read your work each time but once you write something that steals their attention. your username will always be registered in their memory. Occasionally they will stop by and might give us the tips we long for.

If your effort only last for a while and giving up is your first option, do not bother to start. It will only cause you stress. I started writing because I need money but way back then I do not have the idea about writing except for the basic. I learn along the way. I met people that guide me and then I guide the others with my knowledge. It is a give and takes process.

It is also a learning process that never has an end. The world of cryptocurrency always has new things to learn about. Way back then, I have zero knowledge about cryptocurrency. To be exact, I do not even know that cryptocurrency exists.

I have been putting my hopes and dreams on cryptocurrency since then. I am still unable to achieve this one dream but cryptocurrency has helped me a lot from the day I started knowing about it.

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Written by   242
6 months ago
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