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Daily walk.

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5 months ago

Workdays are a part of my life. Some said that work is our second home. Sometimes, it is but there is the time it does not feel like home at all.

Though it felt like that sometimes, it is important to make each day wonderful as it can be for the sake of mental health.

The inability to go through multiple or sudden changes will affect the qualities of work. I have been there. Being be motivated is the worst thing to be in a workplace. It causes a lot of undone jobs.

Going up to level 10 is my new routine. The lift sometimes functions well, sometimes it is broken or being lockdown for the use of the Covid-19 ward.

Going up is troublesome because using the lift is not like it was before.

A lift that can hold more than four people are only allowed to operate with four people at a time. It already feels tiring waiting for turns and it is annoying when someone directly goes in once the lift is open without concerning those who are currently waiting for turns.

Reaching level 10 the view is refreshing.

The view is amazing. The cloud changes every day and it lessens the tiredness I felt. It is going to rain soon but still, the cloud looks mesmerizing for me.

The view in the ward stays the same. More empty than it was before. Ot looks cleaner and more arrangeable compare to before though.

It is time to repeat yesterday and make it become another beautiful memory.

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Written by   244
5 months ago
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