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Earn more BCH from playing a game.

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The title sound interesting, isn't it?

Well, it is true. You can earn more BCH by playing a game and perhaps if you earn a lot there, you can use the earning top-up or for your purposes.

Even though I said that this game is real, it's not that much of an earning a week except maybe you are a consistent gamer.

This game is called Free Bitcoin Cash and you can download it through the link below.

Sadly, as far as I know, only the android user who has Google Play Store can download this app through this link.

I helped a friend to download it using an APK but then she did not get full access to this game. I m not sure about the IOS user.

How to play?


This is the first page. I usually play the Hourly claim and Playtime OfferWall because in my opinion this worth spending time in comparison to the other. I once tried the AdGem OfferWall, I did earn but it took a lot of my time therefore I chose the other two option I mentioned earlier.

Hourly Claim.

Silver Level

If you can get this silver, it will let you earn a little bit more with the gold level.

Gold Level

This is the gold level. If you land on the golden B it will let you earn a little bit more. See below.

The last stage
This is how the hourly claim looks like as a whole.
Threshold setting.

There will be a minimum threshold setting. You can set this manually or it is set to the second-lowest amount in defaults.

Playtime Offerwall.

see below. There will be a few options of the game that you can choose to play. Most of them are games that I used to play on Facebook before but did not earn anything for years. I wish I have known all of this sooner but at least now that I know it, I am glad and thankful.

Look at the red circle I made. You can choose which game to play that will benefit you more. I do not lay this all the time as writing here in worth more once the article is recognised by the Random Rewarder. This game is just an extra thus I think it is worth to be shared with all of you.

Choose your game and install it.

Remember to allow your device to track your game. It might take some time for the points from playing games to be credited into the main application before they will be automatically withdrawn base on the threshold you set earlier.

You can also promote your referral link and earn passively from your affiliates.

Download the app here.

Bitcoin cash(BCH) seem to be getting famous and more reliable nowadays. Seize the chance before losing it.

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1 year ago
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