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BCH Half-Month Hotspot Summary

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4 months ago

With the increase in the global adoption rate and influence of BCH, the related hot events are also increasing. This article hopes to summarize the news in the past two weeks in chronological order by way of event summary. Help fans understand BCH more clearly.

Bitcoin ABC releases v0.21.0 to deal with upgrades

The Bitcoin ABC development team is ready to upgrade on May 15th. The official website has released a v0.21.0 version of the client, which is compatible with network upgrades. Miners can download it from Similar to the previous upgrade, Bitcoin ABC provides a new version within 3 months before the activation of the upgrade. Once the protocol upgrade is activated, the following features will be enabled:

· Unconfirmed transaction limit increased from 25 to 50.

· Added OP_REVERSEBYTES opcode support in scripts.

Improved counting of signing operations with the new "SigChecks" method.

· Support for miner-activated infrastructure financing plans (IFPs).

After community discussion and communication, the updated IFP of Bitcoin ABC is different from the original IFP:

· The financing plan will not take effect until the miner is triggered by BIP 9.

· Donation amount reduced from 12.5% ​​to 5% of block reward.

· Funds can be transferred to multiple projects or to one of several projects on the white list, including the General Fund, Bitcoin ABC, Electron Cash, and BCHD.

Tether (USDT) is about to land on the BCH blockchain

Roger Ver said in an interview on the Youtube podcast Crypto Finder channel that the stablecoin provider Tether, mainly known as the USD stablecoin (USDT), will enter the BCH blockchain. Tether now holds stable coins worth about $ 4.6 billion, which are mainly distributed on multiple blockchains such as BTC (Omni layer), ETH, EOS, and Algorand. Foreign media speculate that excellent privacy features and SLP protocols are one of the reasons to help BCH usher in a new era of stablecoin, which may also completely change the way industries and currencies are used.

WikiLeaks accepts BCH donation

The well-known website WikiLeaks adds the BCH wallet address on its donation page, and netizens can donate BCH directly to it. The donation page reads: BCH is a cryptocurrency starting from the BTC fork, with larger blocks and cheaper transaction fees.

BCH usage increases in dark web transactions

According to the statistics of 1000x Group, a blockchain analysis provider, BCH has joined BTC's dominant position in dark web transactions. Last month, more than 12% of suppliers accepted BCH payments.

Users can customize custom denomination BCH notes

The website can now be customized to look like real money paper wallets. This Melbourne-based startup named Global Notes released its first release last year with a fixed style Dorian Nakamoto avatar. Now Users can customize the colors, cover characters, languages ​​and banknote denominations using built-in tools. To ensure the security of the private key on the account, the manufacturer uses a hologram tamper-resistant seal, which consists of opaque material and garbled characters.

Cooperation of multiple companies, BCH trading scene expands

According to Bitpay, the company is working with commerce company Poynt to strengthen crypto payments globally and users will be able to use BCH to make payments at more than 100,000 Poynt retailers worldwide. Gemini exchange has reached cooperation with the market website TradingView, users can directly invest and trade BCH on TradingView with over one million monthly active users.

BCH Latam project launched

BCHLatam's vision is to promote offline adoption of BCH, and for this long-term plan, it hopes to improve the understanding and use of Bitcoin Cash in Latin America through various strategies including merchant adoption, international remittances, B2B transactions, and international trade. BCHLatam plans to launch Bitcoin Cash commons in Latin America (BCH Sharing Program), which will provide developing countries with the unique value of BCH through BCH, and eventually make Bitcoin Cash an international currency in Latin America.

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4 months ago
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