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How to enter a state of relaxation?

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2 months ago

Take a deep breath:

· Go to a place or posture where you feel more comfortable

· Put your hand on your belly

· Inhale

· Feel your stomach rising when you inhale

· Exhale through your mouth

· Feel you Your stomach is contracting the air and leaving

· Repeat until you feel very relaxed

Deep breathing can help you feel the present, but it just slows everything down. Your heart rate will calm down and your brain's oxygen supply will increase. When you do this exercise and really focus on your breathing and pay attention to the way your body works and moves while breathing deeply, you will really be distracted from everything that is happening around you.

Breathe quietly:

· Inhale slowly through your nose and let the air fill your chest

· Keep the air in your chest for 3 seconds

· Exhale slowly, expelling air from your chest through your mouth

· Keep the empty count for 3 seconds

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. This relaxing breathing exercise is great and can be used for many different things, such as getting rid of depressed tension and wanting to let it go. It can be used to give yourself a time to clear your mind or relax your muscles and body. This is one of the best methods I use every day. It is a quick and easy way to get rid of any stress or tension at the time.

Calm count:

· Go to a place where you feel most comfortable or sitting

· Take a deep breath, then exhale very slowly

· Make sure your eyes are closed

· Breathe regularly 10 times, if you have a regular pattern each time Exhale and count down from 10 to

· When you take 10 breaths, think about and notice any tension in your body, imagine it is disappearing

· When the countdown ends and reaches one, you can open your eyes

when When you start adding your imagination to these exercises, this is the time to really stimulate your mind and body. If your body is very tense, this is a good choice. Imagine that the disappearance of all tension is so relaxing and calming for your body and mind.

478 Breath

· Touch the tip of your tongue

· Inhale through your nose and count 4 seconds

· Hold your breath for 7 seconds

· Exhale and count 48 seconds

· Repeat these steps 3-4 times, between each step Don't pause

and then resume normal breathing

If you are anxious, 478 breathing technique is a good breathing technique because it really clears your mind and only allows you to focus on those breathing intervals. With the extension of the exhalation time, a large amount of carbon dioxide is also discharged.

Using all these breathing techniques and playing relaxing music in the background is to add a touch of wonder to your day. Literally, you can do this any day and any time of the week, and they are perfect for you. One of these techniques may be differences in your anger, anxiety, stress level, or just mindfulness. If you accept and let your body relax, really listen and do what you ask it to do, you can eliminate all these things. They are really effective, and your feelings afterwards are really great. I never knew I could feel so relaxed. Sometimes I'm really nervous, do some breathing exercises, and voila, I feel great.

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Written by   5
2 months ago
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