I Believe on my self

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2 years ago

There are days when i

Wake up in the morning

There are thing i never

Expected to happen.

That's when i have to tell

myself that hings will gonna be alright

There are time where and there are people who

Get disappointed by me and

and criticize me on my back

But those are the times when i

Must remind to myself and to trust

my own judgments and opinions,

according to what it is

To keep my life focused on

What i believe .

There are trials and challenges

In my life and its up to me

on how i will handle them.

I always keep myself headed

In the right path that i am going through

I know its not be easy at times, but in those

Time of trials i will find a

Strongest sense of who i am

with the help of Almighty God

So when the day comes with

Full of frustration and unexpected

Responsibilities i just believe in

myself and all i want to be someday.

Because the challenges and

Changes will only help me

To find the goal that i know

Are meant to come true

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2 years ago


Interesting article

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User's avatar Win
2 years ago

Yes it is, always believe on yourself...Always think that you can. Don't be negative.

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2 years ago

Always keep and beleive in your self no matter what people will say to you. It's your self, your the one who can handle it. Very nice article.

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2 years ago

thank you so much It just suddenly appear in my mind so I rush my work to finished and write it before I forget

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2 years ago