"al fajham chicken or smoke grill chicken "

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2 years ago

hello everyone I want to share this recipe that I make this lunch here in my work is it called al fahjam chicken or smoke grill chicken that very common in every restaurant here . . ofcourse I'm very curious how its look like if I'm the one making it so I gave a try. as you can see in the picture that is the output of my work .

for the ingredients we need the following.

Chicken 1pcs whole

seven mix spices 1 tbsp

coriander powder 1 tbsp

curry powder 1 tbsp


half lemon

black pepper 1tsp

white pepper 1tsp

red orange food colouring 1/4tsp

half yoghurt

tomato 1pcs (chopped)

onion 1 pcs (chopped)

garlic 3 clove (mash)

green chilli 2pcs (optional )

dry herbs optional

mint leaves (chopped)

coriander leaves (chopped)

chillie flakes

Procedure :

wash the chicken and cut the other side where breast is located . and flatten it make sure to clean inside. .

for the ingredients get a blender or food processor blend all the ingredients except the chicken and marinated it with 2 hours or if you want overnight

pre heated your oven 200 degrees then put chicken in a baking pan . brush some olive oil then start baking for 1hour .. 30 minutes each side. when the chicken is done get a small charcoal put it on fire when its red and ready take cup cover it with foil and pour little amount of oil then put the charcoal over the cup with oil inside the oven let it sit for 5 min.

serve with hot rice

enjoy eating.

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It's like mang inasal 🤣🤣

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2 years ago

How you do that in work it's grilling right? hehehe Anyway your recipe looks so yummy. I want that kind of smoke grill.

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2 years ago

yeah its grilling honestly at first I dont know how to grill I go YouTube then watch then I'll try and voila its work haha anyway thank you so much

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2 years ago

Al fahjam the name is interesting.. we called it just smoke grilled chicken ..recipe is quite similar with us .

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2 years ago