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Pandemic 2020: Mostly Changed Everything

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1 month ago

“The secret of disaster oversight is not good vs. bad, it’s impeding the bad from making worse.”

I have become more grown up in this year of 2020, I'm so indebted, but our health is wary. Have belief, conviction, hope, and be kind to others.

My children are the center of my life since they've come into this world. Everything about me just blooms more, they became my real life and I'm so grateful for all of these.

Nourishing them to eat, educating them to learn more, teaching them spiritual life to be a good person, and loving them to the best of my ability to let them know that I can give my whole life to them.

I became more aware of everything about motherhood. Being a mother is priceless. There is a happiness that you can't explain because of the different emotions you'll experience.

Many ups and downs happened in my life. I experienced to love, I experienced to be loved. I experienced being alone and I experienced being everything. I experienced everything when I make my own family.

Years later, I've learned more about having my own family. Everything changed again, misunderstanding, silent world, feeling alone, and stressed. But they said that is a part of having a family. Whatever happened, don't let problems ruin your life, face it, and do the best of what you can do until it is fixed.

Until more problems and memorable happiness again that comes into our lives. It was more difficult than before, financially problem, health problems, attitudes problems, and other problems that we faced. Not all problems, there's also happiness, maybe because of kids.

But even more, problems that came into our lives, since we are family, we save it. We never let toxic aspects stayed in our lives. It's not easy to build a beautiful family but nothing impossible if we are working on it.

Construction supporting families begin with eradicating standardized injustices in childhood and improving encouraging childhood understandings and connections. Children are highly emotional to their surroundings and intercourses, and their strong growth is sure of clear information and peace at home.

Helping grown-ups also depend on their families to help them as they attain their duties and navigate impediments both inside and outside of the house.

Speaking about families you do your strategies on handling the situation, we have our differences in handling family matters.

There's a situation where we decided to live in our province with my parents. The toughest of all that we have faced. More values are needed to be observed. Again, we have different beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and other spiritual, be respectful. But then, we have decided to move to another place to live. We left our parents and move here to our present residence. We thought that it will be a better decision but it's getting worse.

And the year 2020 comes, it's terrible now. More problems come into our lives. Not only my family but all of us are affected by this crisis. Our enemy is invisible and looks like we're playing hide and seek.

In this year of 2020, even this is a big crisis for us, I have grown up more. I became more aware of everything. Health, economics, politics, life, and other things that I've never care about before.

This year of 2020 is the most memorable year for me ever. There are a lot of happenings, better and worst cases. Better, because this year is truly changing everything in my reflections. Worst because of the crisis, we're facing right now.

This year of 2020 makes me aware of everything I do and care everything surrounds me. Before I don't care about politics. I don't care whatever they do, corruptions? I do not care, I care about myself, my family, and my friends. And it changes everything when a crisis attacks us. We need good leaders in our society.

Health, I became more careful now of my family's health. Even a single rash on the skin of my son, I tried to resolve quickly. I am even more strict about foods they've eaten. Examining the nutrients of the food that they intake. Honestly, I don't think it's necessarily all that I'm doing right now, feeling insane.

I became more aware of my relationships with my family and other people. Keeping in touch with them unlike before. Doing things that I've never done before. While still alive, giving them the best that I can do. I don't want to regret it in the end. We know that we still a chance to correct our mistakes in life. I'm not being a perfectionist, I'm trying to be a better person now in my existence.

The disaster is what stifled suffering stares like, it constantly reaches to the ground. It trembles you into meditation and recovery. In crisis moments, it's not further risky to stimulate your profession, because everyone receives much more concentrating on how they regulate their monetary fate. Maybe it did put up with a catastrophe to learn to know yourself perhaps you expected to reap slapped difficult by spirit before you understood what you liked out of it. Never let a severe crisis go to debris. And what I imply by that it's a chance to fulfill aspects you guess you could not commit before. Persons in whom a dilemma puts up with position ratify the twilight coming first the paroxysm uncomfortably, but the fulfilling darkness naturally more comfortably. Sometimes you expect a small problem to bring your adrenalin flows and support you comprehend your capacity. The most fortunate of us all in our trip through existence continually chase with tragedies and hardships which extensively persecute us. To reinforce our sanities against the onslaughts of these adversities and anxieties should be one of the major researches and undertakings of our vitalities.

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Written by   347
1 month ago
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You are realy amazing writer. I like your style, and it is something that is very closed to professional. I love it very very much

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1 month ago

Nice one

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1 month ago