G FOODS: Maintain a healthy eating lifestyle

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Do you remember the topic of GO, GROW, and GLOW FOODS also we call it G Foods? This is a great topic anyway. My grade 1 son just explained it to me again, reminding me of what should be cooked at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Honestly, I had no choice, haha! but to cook for them G Foods every day. It's hard to put a budget on that but we must, I must do so. Admit it or not, we cannot make our meals perfectly healthy like eating G foods every day. But now, I'm trying for my kid's health. The question is, how about hotdogs, tocinos, and other frozen foods?

You are what you are consuming, what you are eating. Therefore, if you want to stay safe, you must eat well. In their younger years of learning, most adults heard about Go, Grow, Glow foods" and it acted as a guide to healthy eating for children. As an adult you got older and became hectic with timetables, leading you to slowly step away from what you learned about food in school. You have to re-introduce to the fundamentals of glow food, to achieve and sustain healthy nutrition.

Today, the option of diets that can help them lose weight is being spoiled. But it is often very fast, particularly for first-time dieters, that things get confusing. Therefore, the use of a healthy meal plate would be a positive alternative to dieting.

The use of an equilibrated plate is perfect for those who want a safe diet. No calorie count is essential, and it is simple and easy to comprehend. A healthy meal contains all the basic food groups and supplies all the vitamins and minerals required for your body. It is also much easier to use a meal tray. The meal dishes concentrate more on portion control, rather than attempting to calorie diligently or imposing harsh limits on what you consume. It shows what kind of food you need for every meal and how much you have. It also helps to avoid the common error of serving people. Various food styles have different sizes of service. A slice of bread, for example, qualifies as a serving, but 3/4 cups of fruit are equal to a serving for fruit. Half a cup is a serving of rice or pasta. This disparity in serving size confuses people, making the preparation of meals difficult. You may remember that a meal plate tends to be similar to a food pyramid by showing what kinds of food you should eat. But in the event of a meal, you can better imagine it and weigh the food you have to consume easier.

What Types of Foods Do You Need to Eat?

  • Go Foods - Carbs include sweet oats, corn, pasta, bread, and cereal breakfasts (providing energy)

  • Grow Foods - Protein foods such as chicken, leaf products, ovine foods, beef, milk, cheese, yogurt, hunting pork, and bean. (Create the body's bones, muscles, and teeth)

  • Glow Foods - Greens (especially leafy, dark green vegetables, and fruits (Strengthen immune system) (apples, bananas, mangoes, oranges, Suha, watermelon). A beautiful healthy glow from vitamin D is helpful for your skin!

A fundamental guide to the recognition of the nutritional value of various types of foods and the promotion of the quintessence of the diet is Go, Grow, Glow, or "G foods." The school has been implemented to train children to make safer and healthier food decisions. Learning about G foods also helps to influence your lifestyle as you get older.

Go Food

Healthy foods, as the name means, are foods that make or help the bodywork better and more effectively. The supply of fuel for maintaining a safe brain role and energy for various processes in the body plays an important role in Go foods.

Children need all their support in ensuring the growth and development of their brains. Sleep and encouragement are vital for improving locomotive capabilities and the capacity to think critically. Good nourishment is especially important and parents may help provide the best brain food or IQ-enhancing Filipino food to their children. Early childhood is a significant period in the development of the brain. Children who have a safe, nutritious diet in general, when young, may have a slightly higher IQ than children who consume a lot of junk food.

Good food is needed by people who are still involved or who spend much of their energy in physical activity. Often, adding more go-food to your meals lets you work more efficiently every day, whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or a child.

Go foods include:

  • Rice, bread, pasta, oatmeal, etc.

  • Sweet potatoes, potatoes, and other starchy foods

  • Naturally sweet foods such as sugarcane, honey, and maize.

  • Healthy coconut fats, avocados, and several different nuts

Grow Food

Grown food is rich in protein that contributes to the growth, development, and health of the body. Evolving foods are an important nutrient in your body's proteins. As the makeup and rebuild cells and tissues, and contain hormones, enzymes, and antibodies, proteins are known as the building blocks of life. Growing food in your diet is going to make your bones, muscles, teeth, and blood build stronger and healthier. The growing foods not only make your brain health bigger and more vigorous but also enhance your alerting. Kids, pregnant and breastfeeding women, the elderly, and athletes most need rising food or protein-rich food.

Grow foods you need daily include:

  • Milk, cheese, and yogurt Dairy products

  • Red meats, meat, fish, and poultry

  • Vegetables include peas, lentils, beans, and nuts

Glow Food

Minerals and vitamins are plentiful in the glow and help to consolidate the immune system so that viruses, pathogens, and diseases can be effectively combatted. These minerals and vitamins help to cure damaged cells and to maintain glossy skin, sparkling hair, bright eyes, and healthy nails quickly. Their use is also important.

The construction of your immunity has a lot to do with food choices. In general, foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants important to the function of the body will improve the immune system effectively. And that definition suits plenty of Filipino foods. This is why learning more about Philippine foods to increase immunity is relevant.

A wide range of colorful fruits and vegetables will provide your daily dose of beneficial nutrients and minerals. If possible, various types of fruit and vegetables should be tried every day to achieve the benefits of Glow food.

Glow foods include:

  • Dark blue Greens such as spinach, almonds, bok choy, and salad

  • Mollen, scallops, and clams, including oysters.

  • Banana, peach, orange and kiwi, orange and raisins.

  • Munggo or mung sprouts, soybeans

  • Dairy products like milk and cheese

  • Cashews and peanuts

  • Fish and beef

  • Whole grains

A balanced lifestyle of eating doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself to all your foods. There's a healthy diet where all the food you need is available. Having the right amount of go-glow food in your meal is a perfect way to keep you safe and healthy to eat.

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The way you structured your article is appreciable.

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2 years ago

Your article is very useful. I would just add that we should have 5 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

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2 years ago

Never heard of it and I am not sticking to it. There are too many different theories and diets and not a single one turned out to be it. That should make one think.

The food is by far not as healthy as it should be and to be honest I prefer to be a pepper steak far above a but or potato.

Enjoy your meal. 🍀

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2 years ago

My foods included all three types of food:Go,grow and glow.Many years we eating a balanced food.My doctor told me that we can eat everything we want only in a small quantities.

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2 years ago

Thats verry good

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2 years ago