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Seeking a Lead Mobile Developer

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2 years ago

We at Panmoni-BCHLatam are building a Bitcoin Cash wallet to serve our business plan in Latin America. We'd like to do it in partnership with one or more current wallet projects in the Bitcoin Cash community.

We have a lot of ideas borne of repeated and constant contact with target markets and we will provide lots of real use and feedback. This can lead to improvements which can be ported back to the base wallet.

We're looking for a partner to do this with. We offer PAN tokens, intangible benefits from our passion, hard work and direct market contact, tons of real-world feedback and, assuming our business plan is funded, cold hard Bitcoin Cash.

Not to mention the opportunity to be a key architect of the historic onboarding of perhaps hundreds of millions of new Bitcoin Cash users over the next decade.

I know we can hire from outside the Bitcoin Cash community, and we may have to do that. But my first choice is to find someone who is not just a hired gun but shares my sense of purpose and philosophy.

I know we could just promote an existing wallet, but we would not be able to build a business plan around that, and thus that is a non-starter at this time.

Anyone interested, please DM me on Twitter @georgedonnelly or Telegram @georgedonnelly and let's have a chat.

To learn more about what we're up to, see our crowdfunding page at and request a copy of our business plan via email to More than 2 years of research and field work have gone into our business plan.

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upvote me please 😢❤

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1 year ago

good article

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1 year ago

Bitcoin Cash Latam is Building great things. Join us.

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2 years ago

If you know any Mobile Developer who might be interested, don't hesitate in sending his contact!

Panmoni will be a leading app in remittances and payments for BCH in Latam.

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2 years ago