Life Succeeds More Than It Looks

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Everything in a personal life seems to depend upon our own attitude. Attitude is a key part of our success, which is mostly unknown to us. The definition of attitude is a simple one in everyday situations, but mostly complicated in many cases of self. The definition of self is a very simple psychological term, that means oneself, instead of others who may be so much similar.

We Are Always Different

There is a reason why people who are different, can still become psychologically known as different, or rather similar. The definition of psychology has changed over time, into a structured, scientific, and investigative approach. We have to define human components of behavior, as done in psychology, as the most important aspect of human life.


I am writing this article to drive in the facts that will be ignored by the people who aren’t so much psychologically aware of a journey of life. Psychology seems to claim the attitude as complicated, and the behavior as complex, which is true. But the personal development of attitudes toward behaviors is often simply manifested by the completely unknown nature of consequence.

Likely Personal Reasons

I think our own definitions of personal development should be more clear if simply done, at large. Life has been defined as unknown to all human beings, since the development of attitudes will be attributed to the thoughts of the behavior. It will therefore become a belief, as thoughtful and rational as our thoughts continue to change.

The fact most important here is the changes that develop attitudes, control behaviors, to create motivations, so far. We can’t just ignore the most significant changes in the world of social psychological development. We can only hope to develop ourselves, in order to be successful in what is done. We are going to believe that, “attitude is everything we need to manifest for our purposes of life”, and this is actually meaningful.

Other Significant Relationships

But we have to consider how human relationships are defined, in terms of attitudes towards success:

  • Things have changed before, and something else has to change sooner or later

  • The problems encountered by people on the journey of life determines how much learning is required

  • We are developing and going through our required skills, at most

  • It is important to strive and become more resilient over such failures


All of us should become more determined to succeed according to attitude believed and behavior learned, so far. All of our personal responsibilities of psychological health are so much easier than we thought, as they will come to usefulness as time goes on.

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It is therefore difference can be seen among winners. Sometime 3rd place winner may be more happier than the first position winner.

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1 week ago

I think life is a win-win situation. There are many failures associated to a successful accomplishment in life.

To me, I think there is nothing wrong in giving out credible positions to merit something done well.

As you mentioned earlier on, the first position is usually the highest level to get a merit. The second is still inferior, but credited to a situation of winning alike. The third was the lowest level, but was unlucky somehow.

In fact, I don’t mean to offend anyone by attributing a personal position of success to three players of a game, on similar levels to the accomplishment. Success isn’t easy to achieve, without enough experience to the psychological components working for the person there.

I think the most significant person liable to this accomplishment is usually the happier, and most successful over time. There will always be certain situations where the third person is a winner in the level of satisfaction placed on the player.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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1 week ago

Yeah, you are right. Attitude towards life matter. We should also suffice.

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1 week ago

That’s what I meant, it’s just the attitude that takes people to great places in life and it’s somehow their settled way of thinking about what life means. Thanks for your understanding.

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1 week ago