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The Great Reset - Have Nothing and be Happy?

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1 month ago

With the recent Bitcoin pump going on I really didn’t want to write this article, because it would bring some negative vibes into the current euphoria. I still think this topic is worth talking about even during such good times like these, so I decided to write this article anyways. We will talk about the Great Reset. Apparently, this is what the global elite like the European Central Bank is planning.


What is the Great Reset?

To start this article of, let’s talk about what the Great Reset is supposed to be. It can be described as the vision how the world could be which is put down by the world economic forum. This forum is basically a super private non-governmental group of the global elite. The head of this organization is Klaus Schwab and he stated that the global pandemic was or is a great opportunity for this Reset we are going to talk about.

According to Klaus there are three main components to his reset idea. The first is all about steering the market towards fairer outcomes and creating a stakeholder economy. He also acknowledges that governments incentive to do that due to a high level of public debt. He suggests that this idea can all be done by wealth taxes, encouraging green energy and disrupting things like trade and competition. To compress it all in one sentence: He wants wealth distribution through taxation and regulation.

His second key component is all about how large spending programs by governments provide excellent opportunities for progress. However, instead of putting this money in the old system the governments should break the system by creating a new system which is more equitable und sustainable in the long run. He basically tells us that environmental, social and governments metrics should be prioritized. On the first look this sounds very nice, but looking in more detail into it, this proposal is only achieved with total control which is not quite the outcome people would want.

The last component of the Great Reset proposition is essentially about levering technology to further public good. This can be seen in China, where a social penalizing system is in place. If you ask me, all of these propositions sound like a new system of control for a global elite.

In general, it would be very difficult to just put a system such as this into place. For this it needs a global crisis that would put the old system into bad light. Oh wait! Don’t we have a global crisis right now? Or did everybody already forget about COVID-19? This comes pretty conveniently for the Central Banks around the world since they are planning their Central Bank Digital Currencies. This form of currency would be the perfect method for an entirely upgraded dorm of financial control. (If you want to learn more about a recent CBDC report check out this article: CBDC-Report)

At the end of the report there is a figure which shows seven key points that go into the Great Reset. Most of these just sound like buzzwords. All of these could be interpreted in very different ways. He proceeds to mention the designing of social contracts, skills and jobs. I think the key take away from this is that Klaus and his Forum are looking to move towards an equality of outcomes. This is pretty alarming when they also tweet predictions for 2030 where everybody will own nothing and be happy.



Economic of the Reset

So, how does their plan look like to make this an economic reality? The problem with such top-down designed directives is that it causes side effects that could be harmful and probably would have been avoided if the change occurred organically. The problem right now is that the governments are trying to hold on to the old system as hard as they can, especially with those stimulus checks. This pays the rent and keeps zombie companies alive which would not be around if it wasn’t for these checks. This brings exactly the problem I mentioned: This is not very “organic” and the stimulus checks can not stay in place forever. Otherwise we would get severe side effects like pervasive inflation (which it looks like we are about to head into).

So what is the driving force for such a reset? The financial state of governments right now is associated with record high national debts which are obviously caused by the COVID pandemic. This is a big pain for politicians. The good thing for them is that they are very good friends with Klaus which would bring us to cronyism.


Behind the Scenes

Like I mentioned several times before, this reset seems to be a blueprint for more control trough increased taxation, regulation and power to the global elite. So how are the doing this? Firstly, taxation has already been increasing around the world. Furthermore, it seems like the government changed the way to report inflation. They wanted to make inflation look low. Furthermore, by adopting the CBDCs I was talking earlier the digital way of paying could make it very easy for the governments to collect taxes. They could even go as far as taxate every financial transaction and just ban cash payments. The cherry on the icecake is that due to the big national debts governments are heading towards a problem that they can easily solve through CBDCs.



To close this article, I have a few final thoughts. I really hope that what I have written does not scare people away from the future. In fact, I really hope that people will now look more skeptical at what the global elite is doing because if such a thing would be going through it could be one of the biggest attacks on human’s freedom. However, there is a way to protect yourself against such things and this is by holding crypto! With the decentralized properties and the further development of new projects it looks like the crypto space could outpace the global elite before they push their horrific plan through. I would like to read your thoughts on this! Do you think such a scenario of a Great Reset is possible?


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On 21st October 2021

(no financial advice but only for entertainment purposes)




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Written by   5
1 month ago
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