Power Destroys Integrity

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People's lives in a country have different polemics, government regulations that are applied have their own ways from leaders and government officials. The life of civil society is influenced by the rules issued by the sources of power. This becomes the most important part for everyone's welfare, but in reality power is starting to be used for personal welfare.

Every human being has his own way to change life with the knowledge learned. the higher the level of education, the wider the horizons, with the intelligence that a person has showing his identity, not only intelligence but integrity becomes a strong capital to become a leader. The public is very enthusiastic about the image of a leader who has strong integrity. for the progress and prosperity of society, but in reality no one is able to survive with his image as a leader who has fallen because of power. power destroys self-esteem, integrity is left for personal pleasure.

Why does this problem occur?

Humans have limitations in attitude. Talking about integrity concerns everything about a person's personality, by definition, integrity is a trait or condition that shows a unified whole so that it has the potential and ability that radiates authority and honesty, while power is the authority given or obtained. when someone holds power everything is done to maintain it. because of the competition between individuals and groups to maintain power, negative ways are carried out and in the end integrity is lost from one's personality.

What caused it?

There are several reasons why power affects and destroys integrity.

  • Power competition between individuals and groups.

  • Afraid of losing honor.

  • Power changes justice.

  • Power always prioritizes selfishness.

  • Power as a tool to intimidate people.

  • Do not care about the interests of many people.

  • Want to get riches and glory.

All this happened, because of the loss of morals and integrity. power dominates the human desire to live a merciless greedy life. love and honor perish, hearts and minds shrouded in selfishness.

Is there still a leader's integrity? or just lying to a lot of people, it is very concerning if intelligence and genius are only for one's benefit and pleasure.

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