Philosophy versus Religion

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The mystery of the universe embraces the mind of civilized humans in parts of the world, solving the intricacies of life. the view of truth about complicated matters is solved. based on logic and knowledge.

Human knowledge as the basic point of solving. the role of philosophy to change the views of people who do not meet the answer.

What is the philosophical view?

Human civilization that has levels from ancient times to modern times, makes a shift in views about life and the contents of the universe. Philosophy in general talks about the phenomena of life, knowledge, values, reason, thought and language. in the overall sense of philosophy is to understand the basic truth based on the mind and common sense. Thus philosophy is called the science of all sciences.for some people this is complicated because it covers everything in depth.truth studies with the main objective of digging up facts and myths about life, cultural diversity, social, economic, political governance and beliefs.

Does the role of philosophy affect beliefs and beliefs (religion)?

It's easy to turn the palm of the hand, and that's exactly what happened. since philosophy is studied and provides broad insight its influence is very significant, the power of human thought breaks down the truths and facts that are held by many people. beliefs and beliefs began to waver with the expression of research revealing facts about religion. accept it or not but this is the role of philosophy that pierces through dogmas that are difficult for human reason to accept. It is very confusing when philosophy speaks to the layman, not easy to understand but easy to follow. The explanation of the question was digested in depth so that the validity of the answers and facts about religion began to be questioned.

What is the religious view?

Since centuries ago, human life has recognized the beliefs held by each people. Broadly speaking, religion talks about belief and salvation. people who believe in religion with its teachings for protection, blessing and salvation. the spread of religion in the world is so large with almost the same goal.

What impact did philosophy have on religion?

Believe it or not this is reality. as a human being who has the essence of wanting to know something for the truth. philosophy changes the human paradigm, which once had faith and was finally released. I give examples in the last few decades of discussions of the scriptures and their truths. who is God? was he born and alive again? is heaven and hell true?...and so on. all explored in depth. the truth of the belief is at stake.

Will studying philosophy be against the teachings of faith?

The certainty is within each of us believe it or not, that's our faith.

How about all friends?

Should we leave with logic.

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