Does the income-tax (USA Only) Actually Apply to You? Part-1

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Series Summary

This is a multi-part series detailing some of the evidence (the law itself, court decisions, etc.) of how the income-tax does NOT apply to most Americans!

Upon completion of this series, you will be able to see how simple the issue really is!

The "income-tax" has been defined by the US Supreme Court as a tax on a privilege!

It is well established (US Supreme Court et al.) that the income-tax is an indirect-tax in the form of an excise-tax .

What is an excise-tax?

What is a privilege?

Another way to think of what is a privilege, is something that you do NOT have a right to do! A privilege in this context is typically something that requires a permit, license or other government sanction such as incorporation.

Now we see how the US Supreme Court has defined an "income-tax" as a tax upon a privilege. Are the fruits (compensation) of your labor ("income") a privilege? Or are they a right?

The US Supreme Court has made it clear that earnings from employment are a right!

The Tennessee Supreme Court had this to say about income or earnings:

West Law taxation keys reaffirm

Summary of Part-1, Does the income-tax actually apply to you?

  • The income-tax is a tax upon a privilege

  • Congress cannot name something to be a taxable privilege unless it is first a privilege

  • Earnings from employment are a right and thus not taxable as a privilege

In part-2 and beyond, we will see how the 16th Amendment actually IS constitutional, but that its scope is VERY narrow. The important question to ask is upon whom does "the tax" apply since we now know that income or earnings are a right and cannot be taxed as a privilege!

Further Education to Set Yourself FREE!

I am not the expert on this subject, but I have learned a lot from the man that IS the expert and literally wrote the book on it! Dave Champion's book:

Dave has a short introduction here about The Largest Financial Crime In History! Here, he has mini-course on the 16th Amendment (11-min video). Dave has a much more detailed (his book is the definitive guide) video here.

Dave was also one of many subject matter experts (including Dr. Ron Paul, Edwin Vieira, Joe Banister and many others) in Aaron Russo's documentary: America: Freedom to Fascism (2006)


I am not an attorney, accountant or CPA. I am not giving tax advice. I am just trying to shed some light on information that most may not be aware. What anyone does or does not do with this information is up to them. I encourage all to DYOR to properly follow what the law ACTUALLY says!

I have no affiliation with Dave Champion or any other entity discussed herein.

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