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Happy birthday Roger Ver!!

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3 months ago

@RogerVer I just realized that today is your birthday because I follow Marc Falzon, I don't know if it is your cake day, but here we go, I will assume it is.

Thank you for creating Bitcoin Cash content and for presenting another opinion that is not censored by third parties or by people who wish not to see Bitcoin as a peer to peer currency without the need of custodians whatsoever; I would also like to thank you because you are spreading the word about Bitcoin as a hard currency that governments and central banks can't devalue.

I would just like to take the time to tell you to thank you for your hard work promoting Bitcoin Cash BCH. I hope you also encourage and participate in SmartBCH, and I hope that in the future, you create content whenever you are ready to start.

Happy birthday, see you around.

If you have to use custodians to use Bitcoin, you have lost all the advantages Bitcoin could have offered.

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Happy Birthday sir Roger 🎂 Thank you for giving us this opportunity for Bitcoin Cash. Godbless and more power 😇

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3 months ago

Leave him that message on his account if you can to show support to him directly

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3 months ago