Los renglones torcidos de Dios (God’s Crooked Lines)

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Sometimes I just want to stay away from any physical action, including clicking the mouse, and just follow the screen with my eyes. The moments when laziness is good for a tired body start in the mind, as with most things. Then it's movie time!

God's Crooked Lines, originally titled Los renglones torcidos de Dios (Los renglones torcidos de Dios), has a running time of 2 hours and 34 minutes, which was not very appealing in terms of fixation in front of the screen.

Despite its long duration, it was possible to understand the fluency of the movie and the simplicity of the story in the first minutes. It didn't take long for what could have been boring moments to turn into entertainment.

When voluntary admission to a psychiatric hospital where paranoia is being investigated makes it impossible to get out, it leads to a series of factors such as the inability to distinguish between reality and unreality.

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These factors lead not only the characters but also the audience to contradict what is right and what is wrong in the story of the movie.

Is one really in it knowingly and willingly for a purpose, or does it show that at the height of paranoia, people can even deceive their own minds?

While the ebb and flow at both points led to constant switching sides, the length of the movie had already shortened. The clever dialogues question the reality and the complex relationship between the patient and the doctor, making the diagnosis even more difficult.

And after a while, questions like who is the patient and who is the doctor, or in other words, who is guilty and who is innocent, or who is crazy and who is sane... and most importantly, who is telling the truth?

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Because of the mystery in the script, which I think is very good, the questions are not fully answered, but the movie offers the audience more than one ending. Perhaps everyone is asked to determine their own ending.

When being discharged from a psychiatric hospital (or sanatorium or asylum) after being cured (or cured) of paranoia, with the approval of a committee, turns into a trial without a judge, prosecutor or lawyer, one becomes more aware of the external life.

The trials of real life may not be in the presence of a panel, most of them are in absentia, but whatever the verdict, one is never discharged...

And the same question comes up again. Who is sane and who is crazy?

My answer is that every sane person is already crazy. Accordingly, the question loses its value.

Another doctrine is that for money, any means will do. It is too brave or stupid to be explained by the paths taken to create monopolies and the selfishness of 'only me' being in control of everything, when all the values one has are to be shared!

The 2022 Spanish film Los renglones torcidos de Dios triggers many similar emotions and raises many new questions.

Is Alice Gould (Barbara Lennie) really exhibiting the most advanced form of paranoia, or is she working as a detective to solve a case? I would say watch the movie for the answer, but I have watched it and I still haven't found the answer.

Let me know if you find it! For those who will watch it; I wish you a good time.

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