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Everyone life is a story

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2 months ago

Life is a greatest teacher. Every day of our life taught us a lesson. Open up someone on us or sometimes proves us wrong. sometimes life seems very beautiful but at the next time its so difficult to stay alive any more.
In that era of chaos, when everyone keep her/ his self first. Life teaches a lesson. We learn a new lesson on everyday. Everyone life is a story. Some ones life has love story, some have story of failure, some have story of disloyalty, some has story of deceives while some have story of success. Some have story of success through failure
But every story teach you a lesson.
Story of love
Sometimes a person fall in love with someone. And in her love he forget all the world. He forget his blood relations even he forget the concept of right and wrong. And keep following his love . Sometimes this love relation is much more beautiful than every blessing in the world. But sometimes a person lost his lover due to some reason. When he didn't find his love, he feel heart broken, depressed. Nothing in the world makes him happy. Some people after getting deceived take it on his ego and cross the limits but when he realized. He has nothing more than regret. But all in vein because time has passed away.
Some people find the way of God love through the lost love. The true love is to see the others happy,  no matter in what condition you are that the true love and very few lucky people find this type of love. some peoples become so selfish in love but the life introduce them to reality very soon.
Story of failure
Sometimes people do a great effort, countless attempts but he failed just because of bad luck . This is because that not the right time for him. But this is not mean that he will no be succeed in his life . His time will also come and he take the whole world in his fist. He learned a lot from his failure. Learn about friend , relations, true well wishers etc. Because your true well wisher are only those who stands with you in your hard time . Who support you. Your failure makes you able to see the real face of everyone.
Story of success.
Sometimes people get success very easily. They are very lucky. Their success push them towards the next destination after getting the first one. Every person idealize them.
Story of success through failure.
Sometimes people learn from his failure. By failure he know about their weak points work on it and do their great effort. And they become succeeded.
Story of disloyalty

disloyalty is very painful. Not everyone face it with patience. when you are very loyal to someone. like a wife is very loyal to his in laws as well as his husband. she put his whole effort to balance the every relation. but It's not possible for her to makes every one happy. Her in laws never admire her on her loyalty. she is loyal to his every relation but still gets the label of disloyalty and sometimes this relation is opposite.

you are working at some place. you are very loyal but the the others are not loyal to you . This is very painful.

Story of deceive

sometimes we trust on some one too much. As I do. In last lock down, One of colleague text me that boss give order to complete some files. I complete my work on time . As a result I get my neck muscles stretched. she tell me send file to her. she wants to check these files. but she deceives me. She present these files with her name. On that day I learned a lesson that not trust too much on any one else. Not every one is same.

Story of blood relations

when a person is healthy and wealthy. Everyone is very nice with him. If he got ill and on near to death bed. He realize that who is really nice to him. most of the blood relation leave him alone , but some look after him till he become healthy. His bad time taught him that who are his true well wisher.

Every one life is a story. we see a lot a people in everyday who has face these stories in his life. some peoples are very brave. They face all the difficulties of life with the smile on his face even no one can realize that in what condition they are. but some peoples not very strong these difficulties of life make them psycho. them need love and support from other

Never give up. Try to live your life with full zeal.

Thanks for reading


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Written by   17
2 months ago
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Disloyalty is the hobby of two faced people ... But it doesn't mean that the whole world have same nature ... There are some good people as well ... But majorities are selfish ... Yup you are right everyone's life is a story ... Some people learn many thing from life and life teaches them very harsh lessons ... But some people learn nothing from these harsh lessons ... They don't have any capability to recognise the true face of people ... Their heart is pure & they think everyone's heart would be like them ... But reality is totally different ... Some people have knowledge & courage to do something but they can't utilize it and waste their talent because they assume that the failure will be waiting for them... This fear of failure doesn't allow them to do anything ....

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2 months ago

you are right some peoples never learn from their harsh life lesson. by doing this , they waste their time and this is true that In world not everyone is your true well wisher. Sometimes people pretend that they are your well wisher but they are not.

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2 months ago